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So it's been a bit since I've had a regular outfits and food post.....we'll you're in luck. 
Here's one now! 

Thursday felt like a weird combination of Monday (after the Fourth of July Day off) and the end of the week. Hard to wake up that morning for sure! But it was worth it once we woke up. School that day was awesome. 

I made sure to put on a favorite outfit to help with the "Monday" blues.
It definitely helped.
Plus Paul said I looked hot. Win!

Thursday we finished off sermons (the last half of the class went), wrapped up Essential Doctrines (covering the end of day - learning about a victory Eschatology) and had Pastor Shino (Bethel Franklin) come speak on "Reaching Athletes" and "Building with African-Americans". Since our class has a few people who are really focused on athletics and is half african american, and most of the class will serve on Campuses that have a mix of Caucasian-American and African-American it was helpful. It was even relevant to Paul and I, as much of what Pastor Shino had to share could relate to us with international ministry in Vancouver. 

It was actually a great answer to prayer - that morning Paul and I were talking over breakfast and our drive in about our roles in the past, present and future with international ministry at church. We were looking at our movement from the International Team at EN to a ministry that more centered around the whiter folk - but also lining that up with the heart and relationships we have with international friends at church. We were wondering what God was doing and how we were to be involved. We prayed on the car ride in that we would hear guidance or truth from God in the situation. And we didn't know at that time that Pastor Shino was coming in to talk to us about all this. 

As Pastor Shino spoke, we were moved to repentance on some issues, and were given great hope and excitement on other issues. Paul so enjoyed and was so challenged that he met with Shino again Friday to talk over what this looks like when we got back home. Pastor Shino had some great insight, as he has actually been on the UBC campus doing evangelism with Pastor Greg. Shino is an ex football player and had a background speaking at campuses around North America. 

Thursday night was a low key one - I used leftovers in the fridge to create a tasty pasta dish and I was in bed by 9:30 - Praise the Lord. 

Friday was a different day. We were going to be only having a half day since there is a big conference at Bethel that is required (though we'd have wanted to go anyways) over the weekend. So we were going to be getting out of class at noon and needed to be at the church at 7pm. We live half an hour away so we decided to stay in town. We thought we'd "mall" it up and also get some studying done. We hit up Cool Springs mall and I discovered Body Central. I am in love. Body Central caters, primarily, to African American Women. And these women have curves. I also have curves. Finally a store that has clothes that fit me! I'm used to stores that cater to preteens and the tiny elite in Vancouver. It was awesome. Also the jewellery was all $3.90 per piece and that is a win for sure. I'll show my purchases below. They are awesome. We were at the mall for 3 hours. Paul says he feels like he went to a special level of hell in that time. Nice, husband. 

Afterwards we headed to Panera for refillable iced coffee's ($2.35 each drink) and studying. We were there for almost 2 hours. In that time there was a rain storm. It was so rainy and windy that the patio umbrella blew right out of the patio and into the street. There was lightening and thunder. It was intense. 


The first weekend we were in town we went to the Cool Springs Mall with Rachel and Virgina.
In Claire's I found this beauty.
I have worn it A LOT since I bought it.
I love it.
It has an owl on it.

Here I am at Panera wearing it.

So first off, the jewellery prices at Body Central were so good that I got to buy Jenna two necklaces.
Don't worry, I've already shown her this picture so she could be excited.
This isn't ruining anything.

Then I got 5 for me.
Dark silver with black highlights and pure black.

Gold with amber highlights, beaded pink and dark silver with grey highlights.

Also I thought I couldn't wear a Maxi dress.
You know, those really long dresses that look like they'd hug every curve?
Well turns out I can wear them and no, they dont' hug the curves you don't want them to hug.
AKA, the tummy.
Also I got a cute tank top. 

I've been looking for a pen case for a while but hadn't found anything I liked.
I didn't want to buy some regular pen case but didn't want to spend more than $8 dollars.
This was tricky.

Then Body Central provided this for $6.99

Look, all my pens are inside!

I could have bought SO MUCH MORE. 
I restrained myself.

Then two girls at school told me about another store that lost of African-American women shop at - the southern Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe.
I will be going Saturday.

Friday ended with Taco Bell (Crunchwrap Supreme, what!) on the way to the Engage 2020 conference and then the conference itself. We got to Bethel Brentwood at 6:45 and the place as already packed. 300 people were expected to be in attendance. We had  School of Ministry section of seats roped off (awesome) and got a sweet shout out once it all started. The night opened with some RAD worship. I mean, wow. They even had some action songs that EVERYONE joined in on. Not just young people, I saw many a white haired person "action-ing" it up. It was awesome. We sang and worshiped for an hour, then a pastor from South Africa, Pastor Franz came and spoke for an hour and it was awesome. It was so great to hear about all that is happening in SA and to hear his heart. As well we got to see people commissioned as "evangelists" and got to all be stirred up for this. So great. 

Afterwards we connected with different people we knew from various EN things and left, pretty tired, but excited for the next days session. Saturday brings with it 9am to 9pm of learning - but I think there's a break in between...and that's when we'll head over to Opry Mills to try out some more shopping. Woo. 

And then we headed home because we were exhausted. School, shopping and a conference. Daaaang. 

And now we're off to the conference again! Engage 2020 here we come!

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