Friday, July 6, 2012

July 4th - Independence Day

I am so thankful for Independence Day today. Not only for like freedom for American and stuff but more importantly I was so exhausted after getting ready for the sermon and homework....and am glad for the day off. After our date night we have a great sleep and had a lazy, relaxing morning. 

I made food for the 4th of July party at a classmates house - I made summer pasta salad, a recipe for which I will be posting on Thursday. While I did that I made us some breakfast. Cheesy Crescent Rolls, cheesy scrambled eggs and creamy Asparagus. Tasty and though it had veggies, not very healthy at all. 

While I cooked up a storm, Paul fixed lights on our car. Finally we have a fully functioning car. 

And then we headed into Brentwood to meet up with a friend at Panera. She was going to be doing her sermon the next day and wanted some help. We spent a couple hours with her helping her. What fun! She felt loved, we felt useful and it was great fun. 

Then we headed deeper into Brentwood to our classmate Will's place for fourth of July celebrations. The houses out there are fancy y'all.

I forgot to take a picture of the house before we got there. 
But here's the backyard and some of our classmates.

We basically sat around all afternoon evening chatting, eating BBQ'd meat and sharing salads and chips. We laughed, we talked and it was perfect. 

I LOVED all the Americana.

Patriotism makes me happy.

This is the pool we got to swim in - though only Paul really went swimming.
The rest of us just sat around the edges cooling our feet.

Also the others engaged in a water balloon fight.
I stayed away from that.
Strangely, I don't like having things thrown at me.

Paul and I in our matching USA shirts.

A bunch of us
We really enjoy talking and hanging out together. 

And me with some of the ladies.
I had just met Jonita (far right) that night. She is the one looking at me with shifty eyes.
She was lovely. Kait (black T shirt) brought her and it was a treat to get to know her. 
Also Kait is lovely two. I really enjoy her.
And Constance (far left) is also lovely - she's heading to be a missionary (i think in Thailand).
She is consistent, chill and very enjoyable to be around.

Inside was gorgeous and well decorated as well.

Love love love

Also, one of the candy jars holds the best peppermint chocolate ever.

And their stove was beautiful.

This was their house.
So generous to share our home with us.
Thank you!

Most people headed out at 8:30 to go watch fireworks but Paul and I are old people - we don't like crowds, staying up late on school nights or standing for long periods of time. So we headed home to rest for a bit before bed. And we got to see many fireworks as we drove home. Thanks America.

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