Saturday, July 21, 2012

Random Thoughts and some photos

We drove home later than usual the other night. 
The sunset was amazing.

Tuesday night we had Virginia and Rachel from class over for dinner
Roasted Cheesy Potatoes, Garlic Talipia, and Roasted Zucchini and Spaghetti Squash.

Not only was the food great but the conversation was wonderful.
Rachel and Virginia are great friends of ours - we enjoy them a lot and are always thankful for times to get together.

My sister Jenna knows how much I miss her and my nephews.
She sent me the pictures below.
They make me so happy.

My laptop bag finally broke. I had purchased it 6 years ago and the straps finally tore :(
So finally, I needed to get a new one. 
I found this one at Target on sale for $25.

It's pretty and functional!
You can see the case that holds my cords, my laptop case, books and pen bag.

OH! I got invited to something.

A tea party!
Rachel and Virginia's host mom's invited us over for a BBC Pride and Prejudice viewing and  a tea party. I went 4 years ago when they held the tea party for the school girls then and it changed my views on Pride and Prejudice. They made me like it!
So I'm going away.

Hair Styles by Tara.

First off - the bun curls.
I put my hair into buns by twisting them and then securing them with hair bands.
Then I sleep with them over night and the next day my hair looks like this! 

Also sometimes people say, 
"Tara, you don't need to straighten your hair, it's already straight"
That is somewhat accurate and somewhat false. 

See this is my bedhead.
Not bad right?

But THIS is my straightened hair.
I just like it a lot better.

Exciting, right?
Aren't you glad you took the time to read about my daily hair straightening needs?
I think I'll end this post on that high note - because how in the world do you top something like that?

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