Friday, March 2, 2012

March Photo Month & Thursday Thirteen: Favorite Ways to spend time

I just heard about this but it seemed fun, so I'm joining up with March photo month. I read about it here.

The game:

Todays word: UP
This is my office tower - I love how tall it looks from the ground...I think it's rather beautiful.

Also this is what I wore today:

Thursday Thirteen: 
Favorite Ways to spend time linked from Aunie Sauce

1. Curled up with my husband – on the couch, in bed, in water, basically anywhere that we can be tangled together.

2. Ministry – being involved in church; community, serving, leading, etc. I love it all.

3. With my sister – while Jenna is number #13 to come, I think it is important to note that one of my favorite ways to spend time is at her place, talking with my best friend and with my sweet nephews around.
Me, my mom and my sister

4. Reading! I love books. All books. 
Look, these are my bookshelves:

My girlie books; Paul has asked me to hide them in the back hallway, haha
Maeve Binchy, Cathy Kelly, Mirian Keyes, Jill Mansell, Danielle Steele, Harry Potter Series, Little House on the Prairie, Nancy Drew, and much more!

and my more intellectual or serious you can see, Paul is much prouder of them
Philip Yancey, Tony Campolo, Lee Stroebel, etc.
English and Theatre books from Uni 
That's right, I said Uni. 
I clearly am watching the British Invasion Episode of ANTM

5. TV. I love to catch up on TV. I love to follow shows. I currently follow many. 

Drop Dead Diva, ANTM, Survivor, Amazing Race, Project Runway, Grey's Anatomy, The Office, 30 Rock, How I Met Your Mother, Pan Am, Hart of Dixie, Jeopardy, Psych, Happy Endings, NCIS, The Big Bang Theory, Smash, 
and more...but I can't think of them all at the moment.

6. Drink in Hand. Water, Coffee, Tea, Sangria, Martini, Cocktail, Amaretto on the rocks, cold or hot chai, mocha or Prune Juice (only at certain times, awkward). I love to have a drink.

Enjoying a drink with my sister and mom

7. Crafting. Cooking. Blogging. Creating
Blogging (Ah, with a drink, see #6)
 Our front entrance way; Door decorations and home made Wreath. Yes.
 I made Christmas Reindeer Muffins
 Reece's Stuffed Cookies
 Tempura Shrimp
 Roast Dinner
 Zucchini Boats
 Home made Cards!

8. Relaxing, resting and sleeping. Must I expand?
Also - I'll not post any pictures of me relaxing, resting or sleeping...but I'm sure it looks something like this:

9. Playing Board Games

10. Messing around on my iPhone/iPad/Computer – playing games, keeping in touch, making flyers, sending emails, looking up things that I’m curious about, etc.
Ok - not all of those are mine. 
The Macbook, the iPad and an iPhone are mine - but this is the only picture I had

11. Being outdoors (not being athletic); relaxing, swimming, eating, sleeping, slow walks, great views, etc. 

12. Organizing.

13. And last but not least, with friends – playing games, road tripping, having coffee, over meals, having drinks together. Any time I can be with the women that I love I am overjoyed; and anytime Paul and I can be with friends and couples we enjoy is a huge win

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