Thursday, March 22, 2012

March 22nd Kitchen Sink / Faux Mushroom Risotto

Photo Challenge: March 22nd
Kitchen Sink

I saw this online today: as someone with ADD it made me giggle.

I bought myself flowers and they made me smile:

So after the weekend away and feeding lifegroup, I have many random leftovers. 
For example i have SO MANY mushrooms, it's ridiculous. 
Seriously. So many. 
Also bacon. Leftove bacon, really?
After Tuesday I had some plain rice leftover from tuesday and milk and cream leftover from the weekend.

I decided to make a Faux Mushroom Risotto.
Since the rice was already cooked it wasn't  a real Risotto, but I sauteed the rice briefly in butter then let it simmer in chicken broth and seasoning. 
Making the kitchen smell awesome, fyi. 

I diced up and cooked the bacon. I added a ton of sliced mushrooms to the pan. I forgot I had spinach or I would have added that as well. I seasoned the mushrooms in garlic and onion salt and slowly added cream and milk, tossing in a bit of flour before I began to let it simmer. 

I baked Chicken in the oven (salted with onion and garlic salts). 
When it was done I sliced it for adding to the dish. 

I added the mushroom sauce to the simmering rice and then added the chicken to all of that. 
Not only was it tasty, but the amount of garlic involved insured that no other ladies will be trying to kiss my husband *smile*

The baked chicken, mushroom sauce (back right corner) and simmering rice (front).
Tossing the chicken
Ready to eat!

How else did Tara use leftovers, you ask?
Let me tell you.

Bacon - 2 packs, has been used in almost every meal for the last week
Wraps - used in chicken toquitoes
Cheese - used in chicken toquitoes
Baked Potatoes (x2) - sauteed with leftover mushrooms, zucchini and bacon.
Mexican Rice (from toquitoes) - used in Mexican Pie instead of ground beef
Roasted Veggies (about 6 cups of different types of veggies, roasted or grilled, leftover from the weekend) - used to make soup, yummy veggie soup. These were my lunches for the week. 
Brown sugar mix & Apple (from Apple Bombs) - Apple Crumble

All in all, I feel pretty happy with how I've used the food that is around the house. 
I love being productive and thrifty, while creating excellent food. 

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