Sunday, March 11, 2012

March 10 and a life giving Sunday

March 11: Someone you talked to
My "sweet love" Paul.

Today was lovely. We woke up late (as per usual on the weekend), we cleaned the house and did laundry. I made us breakfast Pita's and we ate while watching SNL. Very normal Sunday. Then the ladies from the women's ministry team came over to work on planning the women's retreat coming up in May. It was a super productive and fun meeting. We got our plans nailed down AND we got to laugh. WIN WIN WIN.

Then we headed off to church - I was hosting the service and at the beginning I felt all flustered and disorganized....and as my Auntie Debbie preached, and as we worshipped, I was reminded that it's ok not to be perfect, and that I could just try again. So the next time I went up I went up knowing that God would use me. I felt a nudge to share something and I did, and I could tell it was God speaking through  me. Victory! After I walked off the stage, a dear friend walked up to me and said that they loved seeing me on stage hosting...that I was approchable, relatable, and obviously loved the church community. It was such an encouraging thing for her to say, and affirmed that even when I think I'm doing a terrible job God can still use me. 

The sermon was amazing - Debbie preached on the Psalms and Solomon....she talked about how David wrote the Psalms....He would often Recall the great things that God had done for him, Raise up Praise to God in thanks, and then Reach out...either spread the love, the joy or the story. 

Recall the truth and how God has come through in your life. 
Raise up Praise to God. 
Reach out to others. 

I have seen God provide so many times. I mean it's actually almost ridiculous. 

Paul and I looked over our marriage (just about 2 years). We have had only one of us working for the entire time except for this 8 month period. We also had a combined unemployment stint of 5 months. We have had 3 cars crap out on us and are finally onto a great 4th. We sold once of those cars (not knowing it was crappy), it died weeks after we sold it and the new owner sued us - we won but man was it stressful. Since we've been married I've dealt with Chronic Back Pain for 8 months and had back surgery...and may need that again. 

In the last month we've had a combined 4 ER visits, we've each had a CT scan and we've missed a combined 13 days of work, unpaid...and if I end up having surgery next week you can add 10 to that total. 

And let me tell you....God has always provided. God has always come through. In each hard situation we have seen Him move in POWER and GLORY. We have since His hand orchestrating the lives we have and the beauty in it. We have felt blessed BEYOND MEASURE....and can barely contain the joy at living a life guided by Him. 

So yes, we don't know why Paul is sick. We don't know what will happen with my back. We aren't sure how finances will work out - though Paul's job looks hopeful...but not certain. 

But again I say - God has always provided. God will always provide. He is never changing. He is constant. He has always provided, why would he stop now? Like really. 

So I am see how he hear how others are provided for...and to share the stories of His great plans. 

I can't wait for LifeGroup...we're going to talk through these three areas and I can't wait to hear all the ways that God has come through for people in the group. It will be faith boosting, and as we wait, that is always helpful. 

Alright, sermon recap over. 

After church we headed down to our favorite pub, the Elephant Walk for dinner with Stefany, Jodi, John and Jonathan. Then we headed back to our house to play some games. It was a chill, fun, lovely evening. Afterwards Paul and I caught up the rest of SNL and watched our friend Jesse (or "Peter") in Once Upon a Time. I love seeing him on's so funny to think I've been at his wedding, in his home, had him at our wedding...and then there he is on Once Upon a Time, a show I already loved....there he was on Hellcats and Heartland...both also shows I watch. I love that! it's time for bed. I'm sleepy...I had beer and too many appies and am ready to curl up next to my husband and go to sleep..especially while I still have him here and he hasn't disappeared for work!

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