Wednesday, March 14, 2012

March 13th (a sign), March 14th (Cloud), a butter chicken related experience and a back update

I didn’t post a photo (sign) for March 13th for two very good reasons:

Well, actually one good reason and one made up reason
1. On March 12th I posted a picture of a sign, so there.
2. I was busy and didn’t blog. This one is more true.

But just in case.... "a sign" / March 13th

And I do not have a cloud photo - every time I was outside it was raining, pouring really, so I never saw any one cloud, it was just a sky full of clouds...and it was raining so the last thing I wanted to do was take photos in the rain!

Last night we had our life group over. We always eat together, last night was butter chicken. I had picked up 4 packages of the Asian Home Gourmet Butter Chicken mixes, my Aunt swears by them. I love her butter chicken, so I followed suit. Except I didn’t just pick up Butter Chicken…turns out two of the packages on the shelf behind the Butter Chicken were in fact Madras Curry….and while the packages are very similar (enough that if you’re just grabbing from the shelf you wouldn’t notice the difference) the flavours are not the same. But I gamely tried anyways – I combined the two types, and added a spare pack of Butter Chicken Powder I had in the back – the group it, though I found it quite spicy with the addition of the curry, haha.

So note to self, always double check when grabbing from the shelf.

Lifegroup was great though worship, conversation, etc…loved it. There were 11 of us, and we had to find a new way to seat everyone since that’s a pretty big group, we can squeeze 10 at one table…but not 11. And I think we’ll normally have 12, so that gets really tight! Paul and I were pretty wiped afterwards so we went straight to bed, I was so tired! And glad for the sleep.

This morning I went to the Surgeon’s to figure out a game plan. I got there at 8am and finally saw the surgeon at 9am – it’s not that I mind waiting, but oh man the extra hour of sleep I could have had!

Anyways…long story short - I am not having surgery. My body seems to be healing well and my Surgeon thinks I can heal without. So that's what I'll be doing. 

This is what I wore work and to and from work. I was quite enjoying it. 

I love my new polka dot scarf.  Makes me think of Kenley on Project Runway, though she would have it in pastel

Though I'm also quite enjoying being in my PJ's right now as well. 

And I should probably let you know about the awesomeness that are the gloves I found bought that work with iPhones or iPad's....the grey tips are what make impact on the touch screen and they rock!

Also tonight I made Seafood Angel Hair Pasta - tasty!

Katie joined us for dinner - it was awesome. Tasty, enjoyable and easy....crab and shrimp, pre good. Tonight I am getting 'er done - I have a mound of laundry to fold, a women's retreat brochure to finish and a casserole to make. I have already cleaned the house, made Zucchini Chocolate Loaf, cooked dinner and had a shower. Phew!

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LeAnna et David said...

in the bit of sky in both of those pics there appears to be clouds :)


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