Tuesday, March 27, 2012

In which I talk about food, clothes, outfits and concerts

I have struggled with this photo challenge more than I thought I would. 
I have thus far skipped these past few days: "Moon", "An animal", "Breakfast" and "Key".

However today I can get back on track with "YOUR NAME"...ready?
Oh yeah.    Gold.    Tara.    Awesome.

When I'm not writting my name in gold, what else am I doing, you ask?

Reading the Hunger Games.
All three books in about 5 hours a book.
So addicting.

Paul and I have a big date tomorrow night - he leaves some time next week for 2 months away of work so we wanted to have a special date. For us this means doing things that make us super happy.

So it's cheap wings and beer at our favorite pub
(shout out to the Elephant Walk at Knight and 41st, what up!)
and then a movie "Hunger Games" obviously.

Last night we made dinner a bit special. While our homestay Student Karen was back in China for Spring Break she turned 17. We wanted to throw her a dinner. So we did. Awesome food, decorations...it was a wonderful teenage girl celebration.

The Menu | from top to bottom
Steak rubbed in garlic then cooked in a pan
(would have preferred grilled, but such is life)
Buttery garlick prawns and sauteed mushrooms atop the steak.
Asparagus tossed lightly in butter
Baked Potatoes & Zucchini, coated in a spinach, cream cheese & bacon garlicky cream sauce.

Our mouths were very happy.

Also we posed for a photo and never before did I notice how ridiculous we look as a family.

I mean come on...other than nationality, you couldn't tell by looking at us who is the student and who is the host parent. It looks like a pic of Paul and his two students or something. Yikes.

Friday night I went with a group of 30 friends to watch the Passion Band at Rogers Arena. 17,000 people signing and worshiping God to great music? Heck yes!

Stefany, Jodi and I
Jenna and I - love my sister!

Saturday Paul and I slept in until 1pm.
It was our last day to do that before he leaves for 2 months of work.
 It was lovely. I will miss our weekend mornings.
Then we headed out to Langley to visit with our friends the Saffolds, which always makes me happy.

Sunday I discovered an outfit that I thought was quite cute, combining my new sweater from Superstore and a scarf from Old Navy.

John and Crystal spent the night at our house, so we went out for brunch in the morning.
The food and company were both excellent.

Later we went over to Paul's Dad and Step mom's for Easter Dinner (early easter dinner) since Paul is leaving so soon. It was gorgeous outside! We had wine and appies in the sun.
I made stuffed mushroom caps:

And lastly, I have worn  outfits that made me smile the last few days at work:

After work today I rushed home.
We had life group coming over at 7:15, and this week Jodi was making dinner and she would be coming over around 6:30.
Which meant I had 2 hours from my arrival home to their arrival to read the Hunger Games, book 3.

So I poured myself some Sangria, curled up on the couch and got reading.
It was lovely.

Oh and I had some Lay's Salt & Vinegar chips, cause that's how I roll.
And they're my favorite. I think they taste like heaven 

Life group was wonderful as usual. 10 of us this week for dinner, conversation and worship. Paul shared his testimony and it was great to hear again how God has moved in his life.

And now Paul and I will curl up on the couch and catch up on SNL from the weekend.
We are one happy pair.

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