Sunday, March 4, 2012

Day 4; March Photo Challenge


I cleared away the water and the pills for the photo since you all don't need to see how ridiculous my pain management is at the moment. 

To update:
My back is still hurting but I'm back at work and on medicine. The meds keep the pain mostly at bay. I am still waiting to find out if I'll need surgery or not and I'll know in the next two weeks. 

Paul's been in the ER twice in the last week as he's been dealing with strange stomach flu and other issues - it seems like a simple flu except for dizziness, word confusion and intense stomach pain. It's now obviously more than just the flu, we're kind of suspecting a virus, and are waiting to see a doctor to figure it out more. 

So that's us, in a nutshell...sick and injured but in love. 

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