Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thursday Thirteen: Things I'm Thankful for

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Thursday Thirteen | Things I’m thankful for:

To start I should warn you that this is very similar to the things I pray for. Because the things I am grateful for, I also pray for. Seems obviously, no?

1. Paul and our marriage. No need to go into details, I've done that enough in the past.

2. My family, friends and lifegroup - I’m thankful that people like us. This was the cry of my heart as a child, that people could see who I knew I was inside. Awesome.

3. Finances – seriously, I keep thanking God because his provisions are off the hook!

4. Our church & our pastors - because we sure” lucked” out here!

5. Our jobs – especially my wonderful boss

6. Our Home - we love it and it has room and that makes us happy.

7. That God lets me be used for His Kingdom, even in some small way.

8. I’m thankful for Lay’s Salt and Vinegar Chips, and sad that you can't get them in America.

9. I’m thankful for great TV, honestly. I love it. When I say great I mean entertaining to me, not necessarily high brow.

10. Good books (right now I'm thankful for the Hunger Games)

11. Good drinks. (Tea, latte's, Sangria, Beer, Cocktails, Pina Colada, Apple Cider, etc)

12. Lakes, rivers and pools – oh man am I thankful for recreational water.

13. I’m thankful for Blogging – for the blogs I read, for the outlet this is for me and for the many many ideas I get for life, ministry and home from them.

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Becky Boer said...

Tara, you can totally get Lay's Salt and Vinegar chips here in America. I promise! Maybe it's just certain places in America?


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