Sunday, February 26, 2012


I sure love Sundays with my husband. Well to be honest, I love every day with my husband. But Sundays are especially lovely. Since church isn't until 3:30 we have the whole morning to be completely lazy. We know that this time will be very different once we have children, so boy do we chose to enjoy it now! 

We rarely get out of bed before 11, and get to spend a lazy morning talking, cuddling and being in love. It's wonderful. More than I ever hoped for in a marriage. Then I make us breakfast and we head to the living room to eat breakfast and watch a show (SNL if we didn't watch it the night before). We have now folded all the laundry in the house (being bed ridden for a week really put me behind in the laundry section) and are drinking Carmel latte's and watching Kindergarden Cop - I am a happy lady. 

Next up we'll head to church where we'll help set coffee up, I'll be hosting the service, and then I'll head into a few meetings before heading home to get a good nights sleep before going back to work. 

What else - lets see. 

Friday I felt like I should try for more than just lying on the couch, so I took a trip to metro town in Burnaby to get some pants hemmed and do some grocery shopping. I bought pants in December but have been too lazy to go to a tailors, put the pants on to be measured and then change again. Its really quite easy to do but it always seems like a big endeavour in my mind. Anyways, 2 months later I feel like I have three new pairs of pants now, since I've never been able to wear them before. Awesome. The trip was pretty tiring but I got groceries and pants so it was a success. 

I headed home to make dinner; homemade Hummus & Pita Chips and then Pizza with sausages. Lovely pub style meal. I was supposed to go to the monthly Youth Worship night but after dinner I guess the food mixed with the meds and I was soooo sleepy. I could barely keep my eyes open, so I decided to stay home. I laid in bed and alternatively slept and watched episodes of "Drop Dead Diva". 

Saturday we slept in and had a lovely morning (very similar to this morning). Then at noon Jenna and the kids came over for lunch - I made grilled cheese and home made veggie soup (which Connor said was delicious). It felt like growing up - when we were little we always had toasted sandwiches and soup for lunch on sundays after church. 

Then Connor coloured and Austin watched Baby Einstein and Jenna and I got to catch up. I love sister time! 

Paul and I got to relax all afternoon and then we headed out to Costco to do the last of the grocery shopping before heading to my parents. We were through in record time. I always find a quick, productive and efficient shopping trip so rewarding!

We then headed to my parents for family dinner; all three famillies were there, the Maxwell's, my parents and Paul and I - Maxwell, Mitchell & Morgan - So random that all the new married names start with M. I love it!

We had dinner together, played with the kids and then had a fun game of Dominoes - Paul liked to stack them very orderly - typical Paul. 

I haven't played Dominoes in years - I forgot how fun it was. We played "Chicken Foot" - or as Jenna liked to say "Chicken Pied" (french for foot). 

After we got back from my parents we had a wild time - Paul watched TV in the living room while I organized things in the Kitchen. I put groceries away. I sorted all the veggies into Tupperware Fridge Smart Containers - I love them because they keep all my food fresh for far longer than they would without the containers and every thing stores neatly in my fridge. I only buy produce once every two weeks and rarely have anything go bad! So thankful for them. 
Then I continued on with my wild evening by making Paul a snack and baking Egg Muffins for breakfasts for the week. Crazy wild, eh?
I then had to respond to some email and facebook messages, send an email to TC for the service the next day and convert the flyer I made for our women's retreat from a PDF into a Power Point (which took forever). Oh my life, so fun. 

I am pretty proud of it though

Anyways, now it's time to head off for church. Gonna put on real clothes for the first time in over a week - awesome. Can't wait to be with my church family. I missed them all a lot!

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