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Thursday 13: Things I pray for lately on a daily basis:

Thursday 13: Things I pray for lately on a daily basis:
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1. My marriage – that God would continue to keep it a safe and intimate place. As I lay next to my husband, who is usually found passed out in my arms after a time of talking and praying together before bed, I thank God for this man and for our relationship, and I pray that this safe, intimate place will be protected. That through jobs and ministry and kids, that this place would remain until the end of our lives.

2. My friends and family – my people. I pray that people would know God, that people would find peace. I long to see those around me walking in security and significance; living lives that are life giving to those around them and enjoyable to participate in! I pray for our Life Group…that we would be healthy and growing.

3. My mom – I pray for strength for her as she faces Alzheimer’s, a terrifying disease. I pray for grace for my Dad as he learns to be a primary caregiver for his wife, and as they together walk out this season with grace and dignity. I pray for my sister and I as we walk this out with them; we long to be supportive, loving and helpful.
4. Minutia – I pray for the trivial things in life; for enough coffee to fill the cup, for a close parking spot, for green lights and quick boiling water.

5. Finances – I pray that our finances work out. Right now we are saving for three months away from home, three months without getting paid, three months in America (woot woot). We will be in school for 2 months and travelling for the other month. I pray that we continue to have home stay students and continue to pay decent rent, and that we both continue to have work.

6. Paul’s Schooling/Career – I pray that Paul would get in to teaching school for the fall at UBC, and that upon completion would find a job. I pray that he would settle into a career he could love and excel at. I pray for opportunities and open doors – I pray that he would have a chance to be amazing and make an impact. I pray he would never again have to do construction.
7. Our Church – I pray for our church family, our dear, amazing community. I pray for health. I pray for God to be there. I pray for growth. I pray for success and humility. I pray for fun and enjoyment. I pray that we would be a place where God is present and that we would also be a place where people could come to experience God in new ways. That we wouldn’t be afraid to challenge things, but that we would always be loving, always be kind, always be gracious. I pray that we would be like Jesus.

8. A Home – Oh Lord, do I pray for a home. We love our little basement suite. We’ve felt very blessed. It’s bigger than expected and we have a great deal there. But oh, do I want a large home to serve with. Right now we can feed up to 20 people…but it’s tight and a bit awkward. I want a home where we could feed more comfortably. I want a home that people love to hang out in. I want a home with many rooms, so we can house people who need a place to feel loved in. I want to build a home to raise our children in (when the time comes) but to also serve with. I am willing to work to get this – I am willing to pour into my home to make this a possibility…but we live in Vancouver – to get a home here you need close to a million dollars (no joke). So I pray. I pray as I bike past so many homes. I pray as I drive past homes. I pray as we enter homes. I pray for a miracle…because there is no way we could ever afford a home here on our own, but I do know God does amazing things.
I cannot fully express how much my heart longs to have a home to love people in. To give the broken a place to heal. To give the lonely a place to belong. To give the rich a place to pay to live in, jk. But a place to make a home…it is one of the cries of my heart.

9. Ministry – I pray that we continue to walk into the things that God has put in front of us. I pray we would be wise and responsible. I pray for humility and grace. I pray that we would seek God, that we would spend time with him, and from the overflow of that relationship reach out to others. I pray that God would make our path clear – that we would know what it looks like to have a life full of ministry.

10. Leaders – I pray for our pastors and elders. I pray for our countries leaders. I pray for my boss and the company I work for.

11. Hospitality – This may echo above in the home section, but I pray that our home would always be a place that is hospitable. I pray that our home would be a blessing. I pray that we would be used, financially and emotionally, to love people and that our hospitality would be a huge part of that.
12. Proverbs 31 –I pray that my life would glorify God. I pray that I would walk with humility. I pray that I would learn to have less of me and more of God. I pray that I would be a better listener and less of a talker (though not too much, I’m still me after all). I pray that I would always be a blessing to Paul and that I wouldn’t turn into the TV wife; nagging and undermining. I pray for grace as I make mistakes and for strength to keep going and to keep loving and to keep learning to be exactly who God intended me to be.

13. Timing – I pray that we would trust God’s timing, and know how to walk that out. I pray that we would know when to go and when to stay. I pray we would know when to leap in faith and when to be cautious. I pray that we would join together with the people we love and walk in faith into the things God has for us.

And that is what I pray about. That is what I mull over. These are the things that occupy my mind throughout the day...and I haven't even touched on the blogging/creating/cooking/crafting side of things! Yikes.

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John and Becca said...

Tara that is awesome that you pray for these things so faithfully. I am encouraged to develop and grow my prayer life. I am always amazed with people who pray for so much everyday because I am so far from that. Do you have a time set aside each day? Do you have a list you go through? do you ever forget what you were praying about or fall asleep? those are some of my prayer obstacles.
I read a card you gave me many moons ago for my 16th bday with a pic of me and john. I'm so glad I met you in highschool and had you as a friend. You're awesome!


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