Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Wow – what a long time between actual blog postings! These last few days have been like super crazy. Like SUPER. CRAZY.

Basically Thursday night we had a church meeting, before the meeting I did the Costco shopping with Jonathan and after the meeting I did the Superstore shopping with Jodi. Then Jodi and I prepped food. This was all evening full of going.

Friday we left for the Cabin right after work, after packing up all the food. We were gone all weekend, it was awesome. Great time! I was in charge of the food for all 16 people, and I really enjoyed it. We returned in time to shower and go to church. After church we got home and basically collapsed on the couch. We ate food made from the leftovers; we drank win/sangria and watched Stargate. We were in bed by 9:30. Wonderful weekend, but totally exhausting.

Monday after work we had a youth leaders meeting until 10, and last night we had life group; which means as soon as I get home from work I cook dinner for 12 people, then we all eat together, then we worship, someone shares a testimony and then we have a discussion. And let me say, boy did we have a discussion last night…usually we end at 9, but this discussion was so good and needed that we talked until 10:30ish…dishes were done until 11, and then Paul and I went to bed.

There has been no time for blogging, and that is sad.

So without further ado:

Meal Plan:
Monday: Quesadilla’s
Tuesday: Chicken Toquitoes for 12
Wednesday: Mexican Pie (with leftover rice & chicken instead of ground beef)
Thursday: Chicken Alfredo w. side salad / make overnight meatball casserole
Friday: Eat out / Passion Concert!! (Paul and Karen to eat casserole)
Saturday: Dinner at Saffolds
Sunday: Easter dinner at Morgans

Photo Challenge

Corner of your home:




And outfits!


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