Friday, March 30, 2012

March Challenge 29: Feet

March Photo Challenge: 29th | Feet
Paul's shoes and mine - in every way we vary in size.
Though we do both have pretty big personalities - in very different ways of course.

Today is March 30th: Toy. What? No idea. I don't play with toys.
I haven't seen my nephews in ages, so no toys there either. Hmmmm.

So then I thought, hey I don't have to let a challenge define me, March 30th I chose to ignore your challenge.

But March 31st? "Where you relax"
I'm coming for you.
**picture that said with a snarl, will you?**

We're off for a youth retreat with our church this weekend.
Seymour Chalet, here we come!

This will involve a lack of sleep, a lot of fun, a bunch of good food, a great group of people and an expectation that God would move when we make room for him.


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