Sunday, March 11, 2012

Mari's Birthday Party & March 10th: LOUD

Today's Photo challenge was LOUD
I had much to chose from since I went to a dance party for a 16 year old. 
But this was my photo:

Our dear friend Mari turned 16 this weekend and tonight was her birthday. We all wrote her cards with words of love and affirmation and everyone chipped in to get her a beautiful ring. So awesome. We all went to her Mom's house for snacks and the first part of the birthday party. We ate many many cinnamon buns and chatted away. Then we headed down the road to the Mitchell's garage for a dance party. Very awesome. I love a good dance party. 

Jonathan the DJ

 Light Show

You can see Mari, the birthday girl, dancing in her awesome ball gown

Oh the lights! My eyes are still spinning

So much dancing

Jodi, me & Lynds

The lights make us look awesome.
Love the additional lasers.

The birthday girl and I. 
Love the lights behind our head.

A composition of the party

There were so many cool smoke/light moments

Me and Stef...the lasers kept getting in the way of the shot

 Finally, both of us!

Another composition of the party

After a sleep in with Paul, coffee with Stefany, a haircut at my house with my stylist, a phone chat with Kari S, a nap (alone), dinner with Paul...and then on to Mari's, I'd have to say it was a lovely day. 

And now I sit on the couch with my husband, laptops open and TV on (as usual). I am happily clad in flannel PJ's...and have just finished sewing a giant stack of clothes that needed mending. I am ready for bed for sure!

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