Friday, March 9, 2012

Life + March 10th: Red

Today is Red

This was my first attempt at Red....clearly the one above is better.

Also, this is what I wore today.
And I tried a side pony!
Do you care? Probably not, and I'm ok with that. 

Also this happened the other day:

Happy Happy, I switched to a new medicine and am slowly easing off of the hydro morphine...and am now onto something non morphine related so wahoo, I can have a glass of Sangria. 

We had a night free due to a last minute plan cancellation so we decided to have a date night. We met at Oakridge on our way home from work - we grabbed Timmies & some goods at an 80% of sale at a kitchen store (that was obviously for me). Walking through the mall peaked both our appetites for food court food food so on our way to a movie at the International Village we grabbed some (Thai for Paul, Taco Bell for me). We also stopped at home so Paul could shower to warm up and get clean (after a day spent working outside int he rain) and so I could grab some treats for the movies (sour worms for me - snickers for Paul - and some nerds for both of us?). We watched "Friends with Kids" - I loved it and Paul didn't hate it. So it's a win! And since I never ask  Paul to watch Chick Flicks with me, this was a great in between...half comedy, half chick flick. We laughed (I laughed more), and I thoroughly enjoyed the romance side of it. 

Now we are sitting, laptops in hand & Big Bang Theory on the TV, and are very much in love. 
Very dorky and predictable, but still in love. 

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