Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Weekend & Monday Catch Up

This was a very full but nice weekend. It was also Paul’s last weekend at home for 5 months. 5 months! That’s so long!

Friday night we ventured out to Surrey for dinner at Paul’s Dad and Step-mom’s. We watched the game, had a few drinks and ate an amazing steak dinner. Oh I long to own a BBQ. I love spending time there – Carol and David are both easy to talk to. Caring, open, and fun. We laugh and go deep. It’s perfect. We left shortly after the game was over since Paul was falling asleep – he does that when we’re out often.

Saturday we got to have our last sleep in together, I made us a big breakfast (healthy though) and then I headed out to buy some groceries while Paul tidied up storage space. Then I got to baking and packing food for Paul’s time away. I made Chocolate Chip Zucchini Muffins and Chocolate Chip Cookies. I packed him TONS of food. TONS.
You can see Paul's suitcase of clothes.
Next to it is one black reusable bag full of food, one large box full of food and one cooler bag filled with food. 
That's my husband - three times the amount of food than clothes.

Just after this food packing time was when we had our discussion about dinner and ribs that I mentioned here.

As the ribs were defrosting/cooking we went to visit his Grandparents and to store his guns at their place. He definitely doesn’t want to leave them here over the summer, nor does he want me alone in the house with guns…I really would have no idea how to use them. We had a nice visit with them and I enjoyed capturing photos on our journey (they live only 15 away, so it wasn’t really a journey).
You can partly see Paul's new Faux-Hawk here

When we got home we discovered that a few leaks had sprung from our ceiling. It was annoying. We put out bowls and towels and tried to proceed around them. Eventually it dried up and we were able to get back to life. Later our landlords came to try and fix it but couldn’t figure out the problem. In their attempt to fix they made three holes in the ceiling. Look at how they patched the holes when they left – shoddy!

Aside from the ceiling/leaking issues, dinner, as I mentioned in the above post, was lovely.
Stargate, wine and great food. It was a perfect last evening together.

Sunday morning we got up BRIGHT and early. We had to be in Langley (40 minutes away) by 6:30am and I had to pack the cooler bag before leaving. We drove out there, shared a final breakfast at McDonalds (Paul’s request that I happily agreed to since I love McDonalds breakfast sandwiches but only have them like once a year as a treat) and dropped Paul and all his stuff off at his boss’s house. I headed back into Vancouver and went straight back to sleep. Oh, sleep was good.

I woke up a few hours later, did a bit more grocery shopping and then met up with my friend Irene for a coffee, a chat and a planning session before church. Then I sat up front at church with Irene and her husband TC since I was hosting the service and he was preaching. It was a great service, but a bit weird to be there without Paul.

After church I rushed home for a planning meeting with a friend to plan the youth groups Amazing Race (which should be awesome) and then headed over to the Mitchell’s to watch Game 3 with our Life Group. We all played a lot of Draw Something while we were together – Jenna sent me this and it made me LOL for real.

All in all a good, busy and somehow relaxing weekend.

I’ve already mentioned Monday in a post yesterday, and have another coming but will add this:
And this shot of breakfast:
I mentioned on Monday in a post about what a great night I had with my parents and what great views we saw – here are a few more I didn’t show you the other day:
Also the Canada Line wasn’t running properly Monday and while I made my way home from my parents I rode the line for half the trip (past the biggest hill) and because of the malfunctions my stretch of the line was running fine but was deserted. I have never seen the Canada Line completely empty…well except for me and one other guy. Weird!

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LeAnna et David said...

I love that you packaged the beer-bread mix for him. that's so sweet!


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