Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Game Play

I love Draw Free.
What a fun game.
I love that I play with others (except you Laura, you never respond!) and I can end up playing with people I rarely talk to. I love that I can now play with Paul’s cousin in Minnesota, Molly. Like, so random and fun!
I enjoy that we can all sit around and talk in a group, people can be playing together and having conversation – and it stops that annoying tension of talking versus game play.
I like that Paul and I spent an hour laying in bed and cuddling, playing on our phones with each other and other people. It gives us an excuse to stay in bed. Or at least an excuse that I can talk about on here, Haha.
Sometimes I'm pretty decent.

Sometimes I'm terrible...what, you can't tell that's sushi?
and the spot in Japan's flag looks more like a bum?

I love Ticket to Ride or TTR. I love it in person. I love it on the iPad. I love it on my iPhone. I just love it. In person I get frustrated because it is so intense and you have to wait for people and that stresses me out. But I love playing games in person. So it’s worth it.

I love Settlers of Catan. Like a lot. I love it on the iPhone as well…and in person. That is one of my favorite games. I love playing the expansions. I just wish we had more people to play with – life gets so busy and I find Catan gets left behind.

When Paul and I were dating/engaged we played Settlers all the time. Like three times a day. We LOVED that game. We still do but now life gets in the way. But oh man, did we love Settlers. And we loved playing it together - it gave us an excuse to not have to part ways. So we just kept on playing it, over and over and over again.

We also played Skip-Bo and Love Thy Neighbour, until Paul decided that playing cards against me was inherently terrible for him since I have good luck and SKILLZ and he has bad luck and skills.

We discovered though that while I annihilate Paul at cards, he schools me at word games - especially scrabble based games. If their are tiles with letters on them I'm hooped. This is in part due to his genius and my appaling lack of ability.
I'm an English Major!
I read many many books!
and yet this surpasses my ability and it is woeful.
We have also picked up other games along the way - Puerto Rico, Agricola and more. I love Puerto Rico, but need to find more friends to play with us. Agricola is good fun as long as you have good teachers, because we've played 4 times and still need help! and that's with good teachers! Carcasonne is also fun though I find I get confused easily and again, need good teachers.

Outside of board games I love Tri-Bond (seriously, new favorite party game), Chaboo (made it up as a mix of Taboo and Celebrity), Scattergories (as long as we agree to the rules first) and almost any card game.

I love games. Lots. I grew up with them (thank you Hungry, Hungry Hippo) and intend to include them in the rest of my life.


Paraphrase said...

I told you about that Draw Free game ages ago, and have already gotten bored of it by this point, so alas, I will not be much fun to play with, haha!

Avital said...

i'm avital.k on draw something, you should add me, I love it too!


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