Saturday, April 14, 2012

10 things about me: Sleep and Pizza related

10 sleep related things about me
1. I can’t sleep without ear plugs
2. I take naps. I feel terrible afterwards. I feel almost as terrible afterwards as I did tired before. I’m not sure it evens out.
3. When I nap, I nap for 2 hours. I can’t nap for less time.
4. I can only go to sleep on my side. I can’t ever sleep on my back
5. I can't sleep in nighties, I hate how they ride up.
Seriously, who wants all of their clothing to end up around their neck?
Pajama's are cool though.
6. Having to sleep on my back for 3 months after breast reduction surgery SUCKED
7. I am a medium sleeper – not heavy not light.
8. I am a light faller asleeper – until I’m asleep I’m easily woken up
9. I need darkness to sleep
10. I can not sleep in cars/airplanes etc because I’m not lying on my side.

10 Pizza related things about me
1. I hate fancy fusions foods on my pizza
2. Pesto sauce or Alfredo sauce on pizza rocks
3. I love chicken, bacon and mushroom pizza’s the best
4. The Margherita Pizza from La Palermo is also awesome
5. I used to hate Hawaiian but now love it.
But seriously, sweet and savory?
Pineapple what are you doing to me!
6. I hate cheddar cheese on my pizza
7. I like dainty slices so I feel like I get to eat more
8. I hate goats cheese on pizza, and on everything else in life
9. I love Pizza hut but due to an incident in my childhood can not eat their stuffed crust pizza. Think piano exam nerves and cheesy cheesy pizza. Not good
10. Pizza is one of my favorite treats.

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