Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thursday Thirteen: Places

All Things Lovely
 Thursday 13: Favorite Places
In no particular order

1. Home
where ever that is – the place I live and make my own.

2. Both my aunt’s houses – the Wiebe’s and the Mitchell’s
They are filled with family, conversation, laughter and late nights.

3. My Nana’s house
It is peaceful. It is accepting and welcoming.
Classy too!
It exudes everything that is my Nana.
And that is a great thing.
A walk with my Nana and the view of the Gorge, just around the corner from her house.

4. The Morgan’s – David and Carol
Carol knows how to make people feel welcomed and loved.
Her house always feels peaceful, even when filled with the entire family.

Wine at the Morgan's at Easter Dinner

5. The Siewerts
 Though I have not been to their new place, I still feel confident listing this.
Kari sure has a way of making any place full of love – I have experienced this in their last three homes.
These are the people who did our premarital and whom we love thoroughly.

6. Lake Retreat Camp
Oh. There is no other place that makes me squirm with excitement the whole drive there.
It is warm and fresh and cool and full of happy memories.

7. Where rock and water meet
Generic and specific. Almost any will do.
Bonus points if the water is warm enough to swim in.

8. Sproat Lake
Seriously. It is worth the ferry prices and gas prices and bringing my car over if only for a day at Sproat.

9. West Coast
Tofino, Ucluelet and everything between them and Port Alberni.
River, rock, road.
Beach, ocean, forest.
Love it.

10. Lazy river in Nashville
Warm sun, cool river.
Swimming water, easy canoe ride.
Can not wait to visit this summer

11. Mexican All Inclusive
I don’t really think this needs explanation.
Beach, pool, sun, drinks, food, freedom.

12. On a boat
(any type; ferry, canoe, motor boat, floatie (I’m counting plastic floaties as boats for the purpose of this excersize)
I love water and I love being out in water.

13. Bed. Oh sweet comfy cool bed.
Pillows, blankets, and husband.

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