Saturday, April 28, 2012

Quick Check in

Today is super busy - I woke up at 4am to send food along with a friend to Paul in Kaslo. I'd packed most of it last night but added the fridge/freezer stuff this morning. 4am comes early. Especially since my body was nervous about getting up on time and woke me up EVERY hour from 10pm until 4. Lovely. 

But look at all I got to send to Paul:

After I got home I slept again until 8:45am...again my body was nervous about waking up and kept waking up every hour. Ugh...oh well at least I feel rested. 

Then I went to have breakfast with my mom and walk to Granville Island - photos to come. 

We then headed to my sisters new house - they were in the middle of moving in so we took care of Austin and Connor so they could focus. Pictures of that also to come!

Now on to visit my friends Sarah W and Tami D....can't wait...old friends are awesome. 

Sillyness to come I'm sure.

And on a side note: I was just watching Annie with my mom - I forgot how lovely that movie is. Fun. Makes me giggle and is a lot of a fun for a movie put out a while ago. Very cute. 

Also realized that the main character, Annie, was played by a girl who played the main character in the old movie Frog Prince that I used to LOVE. That made me smile. 

Yikes...only 2 dare I post? So hard! But here I go

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