Saturday, April 21, 2012


Photo Challenge: April Photo-a-Day
I spotted an orange in the fridge and was going to take a photo.
I didn't realize the camera was turned to me:

He was lonely in the fridge, all alone with the water

So he made his way to the strawberries - but they were all wrapped up

The cookies weren't too interested in hanging out with the orange.

Thankfully the view from the Kitchen was gorgeous, so the orange was happy. 

Something you drew:
Worst sushi drawing ever.

My Railroad was better

So was my Dance

And my hammock!

But John's Six Pack topped them all

And Jenna's butcher made me giggle.

sadly this is one week of my recycling at work.
Unhappily addicted.

Some outfits from the week:

Friday I got to enjoy a roadtrip & roadtrip foods

Crunch Wrap Supreme!!!!!!!
Only at Taco Bell - Canada is missing out

Currently I'm in Auburn, WA visiting my lovely friends the Fosters. 
Jonah is currently climbing on top of his Dad, Mark.
We've had a lovely morning - and Heather made some amazing breakfast.
It is a great way to spend Saturday. 

Next up: trip to Costco and WinCo to stock up on American priced foods
A coffee date and soccer game with Rebekah
Picking up Katie at Sea-Tac
Dinner with Katie, Rebekah and Tony
Evening drive back to Canada and hopefully smooth border crossing.
Then to unpack and put away groceries and finally to bed.

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