Sunday, April 29, 2012

Granville Island Again and time with the nephews

Yet again I have Granville Island Pictures to post. 
You can see more here.
Twice in one weekend! parents walk to Granville Island every day from their house.
It's about 30 minutes from their house along a sea side walk.
I've posted about this before but it is so beautiful it bears repeating.

We walked along the seawall.
The day was beautiful.
My mom kept pointing out the sweetest flowers growing in stone.

Mom and me - loving the fresh air

We found an Open House.
For the cement factory.
Of course we ventured in. 

My mom has always loved taking us to Open Houses.
For years we went to random open houses...
...sawmills, parks, businesses, etc

We tried to get some mini hardhats for the boys but they were out
Sad times

However, we did take a walk and get to learn something about cement

and port o potties in cement bricks

Oh Granville Island and your food.
Blue Parrot Coffee shop where my parents stop every day.
Seriously, the baristas know my dad when I give his number for the punch card.
 "Oh you're Jory's daughter!"
Yup, that's me. 
Jory's daughter.
Love it.

You can tell you're with Mitchell's when 5 packages of Splenda are used for 2 coffee's

Things I did not eat or spend money on. 
Because OH did I want to

More things I didn't eat!

So many healthy choices!

Too be fair, I didn't eat this either and it's healthy but that was about saving money.
We had salad at home afterwards.

The walk home

My parents back yard.
God is so good.

Jenna's new backyard
Jenna and Colin moved into a house.
A real house!
With backyard room for the little boys.

Mom and I kept the boys occupied while the Jenna and Colin moved in and set up.
We took a walk to the playground.

It was hard to focus on the kept freezing.
As you can see by mom's face, the confusion of the camera was high.

Connor forgot his socks and had to run back to grab them. 
He was so excited to head to the park he ran to me and his grandma

What you can't see is that he is clutching Binoculars so that he can see where we'll go.
Then he looked at me seriously and said, make sure you keep an eye on me.
Melt my heart.

All in all a pretty great Saturday.

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LeAnna et David said...

the boys are so cute!

Also, I have never been to Granville Island, so I'm beginning to feel a little deprived. I think someone in our family needs to take me there next time I'm home :)


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