Monday, April 16, 2012

Happy. Blessed. Thankful.

Tonight it strikes me that I am so very blessed. 

Honestly, tonight was supposed to suck. 
It's day one of Paul's 6 weeks away. 
I had to clean my whole house for a viewing for subletting and was way behind. 
I had to cook a bunch of food to feed a bunch of people tomorrow and cook dinner for Karen and I tonight. 
I had to rush down to see my mom. 
I had to rush to a doctors appointment. 

Instead I leisurely came home from the doctors. 
The viewing ended up getting cancelled (not by me) and I had time to pop a turkey in the oven for tomorrow's dinner, reheat some ribs for tonight and add some Asparagus, all while feeling peaceful and not rushed. 
I ended up making the entire dinner for tomorrow because time seemed to stand still and I had so much time.

Then it was time to head down to my mom's - I decided to ride my bike down there an the sunset was perfect. It reminded me that, while Vancouver is SO expensive, it's also gorgeous.

My mom and I went for a walk around the Seawall and it was beautiful. 
We talked and she was able to tell me stories, and while the words would often get stuck, whole stories were built and shared and that is getting to be a rare experience. 
We connected, and laughed and felt like family. 

We met my Dad at Starbucks, where the family continued. 
The laughing and talking and connecting was ripe. 
It was perfect. 
And a skinny peppermint mocha!

We made our way back to my parents house where my bike was. 
I then made my way home - gorgeous views, fresh air, exercise...and self control. 
I don't know where it is coming from but I like it. 

When I got home the Turkey was out of the oven (Karen kindly removed it for me when it was done so it could cool and I could deal with it when I got home) and ALL the dishes were done (thanks Karen!!!). 

As I tore apart the turkey into a big bowl to refrigerate, and my hands were covered in meat and turkey juice, I realized how blessed I am. 

Hands covered in meat and juice because I am feeding people I love. I am feeding these people because we are are a community - a group of people who are trying to figure out what it looks like to follow God. I am feeding these people because food, somehow, makes a difference. 

As I walked through my house tidying I realized that I am trying to deep clean my house so I can sublet it this summer so that we can head down to a school in Nashville to learn about ministry and God and how to love people. 
And so that we can have time to grow as a couple - in Christ and together. 

And even though my sweetest love is currently over 10 hours away, he is still my sweetest love and this home is still full of him! 
There are decorative swords and rocks to prove it.

My house is a home. 
My life is bursting and full. 
and best of all I am saved and loved by Jesus.

Could life get any better? I submit that it could not! 

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LeAnna said...

'be still and know that I am God'

Sometimes He gives us these moments of peace and beauty in which to relax and see how much He takes care of us. Beautiful post.


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