Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Of life and other random things

As you could see in my last post I went shopping on the weekend in the states.
When I woke up Sunday morning my kitchen still looked like it did in that photo
(though of course I'd emptied the coolers)
Sunday morning was therefore spent putting food away and tidying.

After that I headed to church for a womens ministry meeting to nail down final details for our upcoming womens retreat. We met outside in the warmth on the steps and it was lovely.

Then it was inside for church - and since it was Baptism Sunday there was something exciting in the air.
Yes it was sunny.
And yes, the worship was awesome.
But more than that people were sharing how Jesus had changed their lives -
and were making a public declaration of that truth.
And that is an exciting thing to witness.

Not only were the testimonies authentic, honest and warm.
But they were funny.
I mean the whole church was rolling with laughter.
Oh I love me some funny.
And we were truth and honesty.

The worship was amazing though.
God was so clearly in the room.
The place was hoping!
There was so much dancing and singing and shouting.
It was simply beautiful.

After church I headed down to Yaletown Brewery with some friends to celebrate Mark's Birthday. It was so lovely. Only Paul being there (and the canucks winning) would have made it better. There were so many people there that I truly think are wonderful and enjoy greatly but don't always get to see.
It was a treat.
Plus it's been years since I've been to the Brewery and yet when I first moved here we went every week after church! I sure did miss their rad/awesome pizza.

To sum up the party: great people, great food, sad but fun to watch game, and a chance to celebrate a great friend. Good times!

Monday  morning came very early.

I hoped on my bike for the commute into work.
I stopped at the Cambie Street Bridge for my quiet time.
The view was simply amazing.
The time with God was also refreshing.
And this cup of truffle mint mocha helped wake me up too
This is what I wore. It felt boring.

After work I headed to Tropika to meet the lovely Sarah Gotell for dinner.
We both have early May birthdays and so we wanted to celebrate.
And celebrate we did!

Sambal Bunches

Pad Thai!

Tuesday at work was crazy busy. CRAZY.
Thankfully Debbie had sent me home with leftover chinese food so I didn't have to cook for LG.
Mmmmm so good.

I rearranged our coffee supplies to fit our new big coffee maker.
I like it.
Also, note the plethora of creamers.
I like flavours.

My boss took me out to Catch 122 for breakfast.
Sooo good.
Though of course I felt STUFFED all day.

Thankfully I chose an outfit I really enjoy.
So even feeling super full, I also felt super cute.
Which, as a girl, somehow matters.
I wish it didn't.
But it does.
Just true.

Look! I have a friend to take my photo!
No bathroom mirror for this pic, what up.

Being a Vancouverite I am dressed for the weather.
I know what's up.

Next up: April Photo a Day
Something you're grateful for
now this one's tricky.

also true.

But most true?
Our LifeGroup - and the fun we have over dinner each week

Looking Down
Lifegroup feet

Also, things that make me laugh today:

This final one made me laugh so hard at work that I had to put my head down on my desk and just laugh it out.

And lastly for Paul...who says I have short T-Rex arms.
It's pretty true.
My arms are strangely short.

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omg, so cute!
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