Monday, October 31, 2011

Harvest Party

The Harvest Party was awesome. Karen and I cooked all day, and then partied all evening, and cleaned until 1:30am. Phew!

Here are some pics!

Making Turkey Cookies for decoration
 He is one angry bird!
 Making my baking contest entry
 Part way through
 Decorations and Food - these are my caramel pumpkin cheesecake cups
 Kristina made this apple tree for her dutch apple cake. Amazing.
 So much food

 Me with Stephanie
 Jodi, Sarah and I.
I'll admit that Sarah won the contest with her Chai Cheesecake. Great job friend!
 Outside there was a fire and smores and in the garage there, there was a glow in the dark dance party. Awesome.
 And this is some of the atmostphere in the party...and also that's my Dad there.

It was a great night!

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Paraphrase said...

Looks amazingly yummy!


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