Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Random Food thoughts

So the plan has been to eat veggies for every meal, with some meat at dinner. We've had salad at lunch each day, and salad for dinner last night. Tonight I wanted something roasted and warm. So I thought I'd roast Spaghetti Squash with italian seasoning, roast some Zucchini and Mushrooms with garlic and onion powders and leftover breading from the shake and bake pork that I also baked. I also made a tasty version of a greek salad: avocado, cucumber, tomatoes and caesar vinaigrette. See?
Tonight I hung out with my friend Sarah. We made plans for the upcoming Harvest Party. Fun. We made decorations and decals. We also had a great time of great conversation. I like being her friend. 

The negative to my day? I spilt an entire cup of tea straight on to my iPod touch. Lame. I've gone to my local apple store to see my options but since I bought the machine with airmiles points I wasn't able to get applecare when I bought my computer and thus do not have applecare now. SOO there's nothing they can do other than offer me a replacement iPod touch for $219 ($200 under the normal price). Since, I was planning on buying an iPhone next summer it seems silly to pay $200 now and another $400 or so next summer to buy an iPhone, when I could get one now for $500 and have the best of all worlds. 

The choice is:
iPhone 4, 34gb for $393
iPhone 4s, 34gb for $503
iPhone 4s, 64gb for $603

I need a lot of space. Right now on my current (now dead) iPod touch I use 45gb, without contacts or pictures. I'd rather have 65gb's but that seems expensive. 34 gb seems much better as a price but I"ll have to delete quite a bit of music, which is fine. It's true that I could delete at least 10gb of music that I never listen to. I have 25gb of music at the moment and probably only regularly listen to 5gb of it. 



LeAnna et David said...

Talk to my brother about your Iphone plans, as he has just been helping mum figure out what to do between android/iphone.

And that meal looks yummy!

Paraphrase said...

You know what you need? A nice camera instead of a phone camera or point and shoot. Then you can take really artsy shots of all your decorations and food, cause it already looks magazine ready!

PMorgan said...

I had a camera once.

Marisa said...

Wow. Our entire computer only has 60gb! You must have a lot of music. I felt like we had a lot of music but I think not. Maybe you could get an external hard drive if you really want to keep all that music?

Here is another idea - get the iPod Touch for $200 less than normal and sell it for $100 less than normal and make a profit! Then put that against the crazy expensive phone which will be the best of both worlds but for $100 less. Brilliant! (this is how I buy stuff... makes me fell better)

Your dinner looked DELICIOUS!! I just got two squash today and I can't wait to eat them. I love squash! And I love zucchini too. This is why we are friends.


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