Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick or Treat

Trick or Treating with Toddlers is SO MUCH FUN. My nephew, Connor, was dressed as a US Soldier and it was soooo cute. We were with our friends the Lim’s, who have a beautiful little girl who was dressed as a Bunny Rabbit. Eliana was pretty cute also…and the two of them together, hilarious. Trying to get a photo of BOTH of them standing still and looking at the camera was almost impossible! They were so excited to go Trick or Treating – and after we’d leave each house Connor would shout “I want to do another house!”. Eliana did get a bit scared after we visited a house that had some people in scary costumes but as the whole group could continue together and she always had mom or dad with her, she did really well. Connor had no fear, and would spot a lit up house with pumpkins instantly. He was great at bypassing the homes that obviously didn’t want to be interrupted.

They did find remembering what to say a bit confusing…they always wanted to shout trick or treat before the person opened the door, and sometimes they’d say “what you got?” or “fank you” instead of trick or treat. They also came out with confused "Happyween!" "Happy or Treat" "Wicker Treat" "Happyhappoween!"

In other news Paul came home from hunting last night. So happy to see him! He hasn’t shaved in a while, and won’t for a bit because he’s trying to grow a goatee. Usually he doesn’t try because he grows a nice perv stash, and also a nice beard – but with a week of growth the two are actually starting to connect. So we’ll see how that goes.

Sunday we’re going to a costume party as Captain Kirk and Lieutenant Uhura. Paul has always told me that he doesn’t ilke dressing up but if we can do star trek themed and I can “wear the sexy red dress of Uhura’s” then he’ll do it. So that’s the plan!

Now here are some photos of Zoe Saldana as Uhura in the new Star Trek (since the original Uhura had a short black afro, I can at least copy Zoe’s sleek high pony tail). I think you can guess which dress Paul is hoping I’ll find (the lower cut one of course), though I am more comfortable with the the higher neck, haha. Of course what makes the difference is what red dress we can find for me to turn in to her dress. We’ll be hitting up Value Village Wednesday night.


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LeAnna et David said...

those kids are adorable :)


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