Thursday, October 13, 2011

Baking Contest Continued

It seems we've narrowed it down to either Reese-stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies or Cheesecake Caramel Pumpkin Cups. I'll also be making Pumpkin Soup (sarah's special recipe), for the whole group - but the dessert, that will be the for the contest.

I'm going to try both recipes in the coming two weeks - I'll let "the people" decide. I'm going to make the recipe's and bring them to my sweet consultants - Jenna and Candace. Those ladies love sweets - and they are great at having an opinion about said sweets. So I feel confident they'll help me chose based on flavour, at least. I'll also let Paul try, but let's be honest. He'll eat anything.

Tomorrow I get to have breakfast with one of my favorite ladies, Kari Siewert. She's in town for the weekend to bring her kids to the youth retreat that Paul and I will be going on as leaders. I'm sad I can only see her for an hour but so glad to get to see her at all! The last time we were close to her (3 hours away) we had no time to drive 6 hours return and see her - which was sad since she and her awesome family live 13 hours away. In other good news I get to see most of her kids, who are some of my other favorite people in the world. Krista and Kaela are the daughters and will both be on the retreat. Krista will be in my cabin. This is all such good news! On top of even that my cabin is filled with AWESOME teens from church.

And my sister and her family are coming. And my friend Kristina. and my friend Marisa and Lyndsay and Jodi. And my nephews. And most of mine and Paul's cousins. It will be awesome.

Shortly I'll be heading over to my sister's house. I'm whipping up a batch of Lemon Bars to bake at her place and I'm very excited about that. I love lemon and have used a great premade mix from superstore in the past but this will be my first time with home made lemon bars - awesome!

Have I mentioned how much I love leftovers? I haven't actually cooked any nights this week. Sure I've sauteed veggies nd added them to turkey, but that hardly counts. Tonight I toasted bread, added some hot turkey and gravy and micro steamed some asparagus. Dinner in 15 minutes. 15 minutes! So happy. So tasty.

I'll admit though - I look forward to the return of regular cooking - which won't be for a while as I have a strange and random assortment of food in my fridge to come back to on Monday.

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