Wednesday, October 26, 2011

New Car!

We bought a car today!

For the past few weeks our car has sounded like it was trying to garberate marbles. Ridiculous. For the past few months it's been making weird clicking noises. It wouldn't pass aircare....we only had a month to either have it pass air care or get a new one. The marble sound helped seal the deal.

Anyways we got a '97 Rav4, in red. I love it, it's beautiful. We got a great deal & it's around 130,000 clicks. Woo!
So beautiful. 

Anyways tonight is date night with Paul before he heads off for hunting tomorrow morning at 6am until Monday. Have fun babe!

1 comment:

LeAnna et David said...

that car looks perfect for you guys :) Just think of all the food you can haul back from America! And it's a Paul-sized vehicle!


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