Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Thanksgiving and the common cold

I’m sick. This makes me frustrated. I started feeling sick on the 22nd of September. The moment I felt it I started a daily regimen of oil of oregano, vitamin C, Tylenol cold & flu, and extra healthy eating. I cleared my schedule for week one and just slept, even took a day off work and slept all day. I made sure to sleep in late (like noon) on the weekends. I’ve rested. For 5 days I avoided added sugar and dairy. And yet – here I am, three weeks later, still sick. Ugh. I’m seeing the doctor tonight in the hopes he can do something for me…I’m finding it so hard to work – my head feels so fuzzy and full. I don’t feel terrible enough to go home – but sick enough to feel lame.


In other news, we had our dear friends Candace and Earl over last night. They are wonderful friends of ours, and are about to embark on a new and exciting journey as they move to Ottawa at the end of the month. I am so excited for them and all that is ahead of them, though I am, of course, sad that they are leaving Vancouver. We had a great final couples hang out with them – great Mexican food (Candace’s favorite) and Cranium. They won, but we were right behind them. Followed by about half an hour of playing just the humdinger card – which I was terrible at, but everyone else was good at. Though Paul was actually amazing at it, to be specific.

I’m quite excited for Thanksgiving weekend. It will be full of food and family. Friday after work I am taking our upstairs neighbor, Semara, who is newly arrived from Iran to Costco for the first time! I’m excited to hang out with her and show her the amazingness of wholesale warehouses. I’ll also be buying the last of my thanksgiving groceries.

Saturday my friend Stefany and I will be going to a Bakers Market – so that seems fun. Then Paul and I will be joining my Aunt and Uncle and our lifegroup to host an international dinner with Langara Students. I’ll be bringing my famous roasted vegetables and my also famous Mud Pie. Their fame being why I’ve been asked to bring them.

Sunday I’ll swing by the apple store to try and solve the glitches with my new Mac and then I’ll whip up another Mud Pie (again, fame being why it was requested) to bring to the Morgan family dinner.

Monday I’ll be hosting my FIRST EVER Mitchell family holiday dinner. I’m so excited; now I’m really an adult, right? There will be either 10 or 14 of us. It will be quite the squeeze but oh, I can’t wait! Below is the tentative menu.

Quick health update: Week 3 of bike riding is going well – so far each day it has only rained before or after my appointed riding time (thank you God!) and I have lost 3 pounds! So I’m thus far on target and very excited about it.

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