Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Baking Contest

Ok - I need your help!
I am entering a baking contest at church - for taste and presentation. I can’t decide what to make!
Here are some things I’m thinking of (some I’ve made before and some I haven’t)
My comments aren't also working so feel free to email ( or FB me. I can't make this decision alone - I'm totally overwhelmed. Thanks for the help!


Marisa Ducklow is a... said...

Why did nobody tell ME about this baking contest??? I want to make something and have it look BEAUTIFUL and taste like a little glimmer of heaven on your lips. Mmm... Oh dear, just noticed your comments are not working. I think that you should make the CHEESECAKE CARAMEL PUMPKIN CUPS! Because it is so festive and unique and also it sounds delicious.

LeAnna et David said...

I haven't read through the recipes but like Marisa I think the cheesecake caramel pumpkin cups sound AMAZING.


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