Monday, October 10, 2011


Saturday: Thanksgiving Dinner at my Aunt Debbie's house with friends, new friends and family. Filled with fun, laughter and Chaboo - the best game ever. A party filled with friends I enjoy is always a good time.

Sunday: Thanksgiving Dinner at Paul's Dad and Step-mom's place, complete with drinks, food and late night movies. I really enjoy time with the Morgan's. Great conversation and relaxed times. Coming in to the family, I feel so welcomed and enjoy hanging out with his Dad and Step-mom after the family heads home. It's fun to return to that family time I grew up with - that has changed so much in my family with mom's Alzheimers.

Monday: Thanksgiving Dinner at our house for the entire Mitchell family. I started decorating and cooking at 11am and served dinner at 4pm. It was wonderful. It would have been 3pm, but a late ferry delayed us. I so enjoyed decorating the house and tables. Look!
I roasted the Turkey in an oven bag, so it was tender and cooked in 2 hours. Smothered becel, onions and seasoning - it was amazing. My dad helped me whip up the gravy and he and my aunt both contributed a dish. I had so much fun cooking for my whole family. I love hosting people I love. After dinner we sat around and drank coffee and laughed. Then we headed to my aunts house for dessert (I made my Apple Brownies, mmm) and more conversation. So love my family.

Now Paul and I are home and resting. Catching up on Pan Am - and about to head to bed, after a great night. Getting ready for my 7:30am start tomorrow. Yikes. And a 6:45am bike takeoff time - awesome.

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LeAnna et David said...

I had such a great time at your place. It felt just like our family dinners used to, and it was the best end I could've asked for to my vacation :)


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