Friday, October 28, 2011

Sweet love

I’m at work on a somewhat rainy day. Paul’s away hunting. I am working away on expenses – and as I enter numbers and information my mind drifts to how great it will be when Paul comes home from hunting Monday night. How much fun it will be to make him a great dinner, and have him come home to a clean and tidy house, with a beer waiting for him, and the look on his face when he sees me…and OH the big hug that will follow. As I thought about that moment (and the many we’ve had like it after absences in the past) I realized that my prayers as a young girl have been answered. I so badly wanted to have a marriage that was bursting with love. To have a man that feels this way about me. I also highly doubted that it was possible. To know that God knows my desires and has given me Paul….well it’s fairly overwhelming. I should probably stop typing this now because it’s making me quite emotional and I really don’t want to cry at work while entering expenses…or ever really. I’ll pick up on this later…..

I was going to write more but we ended up having a meeting at work (someone was giving a presentation on a recent trip to China and the lumber opportunities there – it was more interesting than expected). The final thing shown was a video of traffic and I now feel very nauseous…so I’m just going to sit here, drink some water and try not to throw up. Yum, eh?

And so you can also try not to throw up...some pictures of me and my sweet love:


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