Friday, October 14, 2011

Lemons & Drama

Despite an early morning wake up (7am breakfast time with my friend Kari) and an initial moment of “it-will-be-impossible-to-get-out-of-bed”, I’ve felt great today! There were a few minutes of tiredness around 9:30am but constant work flow has helped keep me awake.

Sadly, my lemon bars (these ones from last night that I was sooooo excited to try) did not turn out well. They tasted great, but they looked like chunky flour base mixed with runny topping. Tasty but fairly unservable. That did not stop me, my sister and her hubby from grabbing forks and digging in.

After I got home from Jenna’s I packed my bag for the weekend, made lunches for the next day, made dinner for the next day and finally sat on the couch with my husband to watch the newest episode of “The Office”. Despite being tired, it was a great life choice. The episode was hilarious. One of the best of the season in my opinion – despite the moments of total cringe worthy embarrassment.

Oh and in good news (because I’m sure you’re all wondering) I have decided that “Hart of Dixie” is good enough to keep watching, and wasn’t even super embarrassed through the last episode! We also caught “Last Man Standing” and while I found it mildly amusing, my husband found it hilarious. He was laughing so hard. It was ridiculous. I’ve decided to give “Harry’s Law” another chance – mostly because I need something to watch when I fold clothes or work on craft projects…especially when I’ve caught up on all my other shows.

Wednesday night I caught up on last week’s Project Runway (though won’t watch last night episode until Monday, sadly) and I have to say, I love Anya. And Josh drives me nuts. He is ridiculous. Although every time someone bugs me I want to channel Josh and ask them if this is how they plan to behave for the foreseeable future, and if so inform them “that I will not have it”. Unfortunately I am not enough of a drama queen or diva to pull off his attitude, so mostly when someone bugs me, I smile and act nice…which is probably the better, safer alternative – and also part of the reason I’m not on reality TV.

Sadly, I will not be able to post tomorrow because I’ll be away from Wi-Fi and away from my computer – but I will be happily hanging out with many awesome people, and doing awesome things – so I think I’m ok with the blogging break.

Edited to Add: Just spotted these, Chocolate Chip Cookie Truffles. OMG. I may have to add them to my baking trial. Wow.


LeAnna et David said...

reading about your TV embarrassment reminds me of how you used to throw your novels down the hall when the characters became *too* impossible to deal with :)

PMorgan said...

Really? You decided to continue with 'Heart of Dixie'? That show is horribly predictable and entirely shallow. It makes 'Greys Anatomy' seem like a Bruce Willis flick. Oh yeah and I just realized that Greys is the new 'ER'.

I love you tons and tons!


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