Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sunny days, bike rides, parties and weddings

Weekends have been exciting lately. Weddings, Easter and projects. That fills up quite a bit of time!

Last weekend was the start of the wonderful warm weather. Friday night Paul and I decided to have an outdoors date – I met him at Stanley Park on my bike, and he rented a bike. We biked around the park in absolutely gorgeous weather. We sat with the sun on our faces overlooking the beach and felt like we were in Cali.

We made our way to English Bay for Shewarma – it was sunny and palm trees were out. We continued to feel like we were on vacay.

We ran some errands on our way home - Costco, Superstore...a visit to the new Crate and Barrel. The sunset was gorgeous.

Saturday was my big Command Center project – you can read about it here. Then it was time to get prettied up and head to Delta for Paul’s step brother Tyler’s wedding. Tyler and Sara are great fun to have in the family and I couldn’t wait to have her officially join us! The day was beautiful, the couple looked gorgeous and the wedding and ceremony were well thought out and very easy to enjoy. 

Kevin, Tyler’s brother, spoke about his brother and Sara and it was nice to hear about that relationship. Sara's maid of honor also spoke, and it was great view into more of who Sarah was. She welcomed Tyler into the best friends club, and made most of us giggle throughout the speech. Entertaining and very full of love. Later Tyler gave the best groom’s speech I have ever heard. It was honoring and loving and full of gratitude. He did a wonderful job and it was clear how in love he is with Sara. 

There was dancing and family and great food and drinks – not a bad way to spend a Saturday night!

Laura and Salem - most popular baby at the wedding for sure

 Carol - mother of the groom - looks sooo happy

Lighting of the candles

Sara and Tyler Raphael

David and his mom, Doreen, laughing

The weather was so gorgeous
I love this shot of the bride

Me, Paul, Joel and Katie

Me and Paul

Me and my sisters-in-law
Tara, Laura and Katie.
And of course, Salem.

Girls and Carol...and Salem

Between ceremony and reception we stopped at the pub Tyler and Kevin work at to have a beer and kill some time. Both Paul and his Dad could not keep their hands still!

The reception hall was super cute.
Lots of great little touches.

Salem again, of course.

Happiest Grandma ever


And the dip kiss

Ted tried to get a photo of us - camera was reversed

Ahhh the Morgans

And the other Morgans

Sunday we slept in (thank the Lord!) and then had a womens ministry planning lunch – these meetings are always such a wonderful time of friendship and relationship, as well as a time of productive planning! I work with a great group of ladies. Then it was church and then off to the Chibota’s for a surprise birthday party for Dylan. We seemed to have surprised him and thrown a great party – it was a great night.

Paul even got spun around on a bean bag chair.

Monday night we had my parents over for dinner – it is such a blessing to have wonderful parents and to have them be in the same town as me! Tuesday was lifegroup and Wednesday we got to spend time with the couple that did our pre-marital counseling, the Siewerts. They live outside of Edmonton now, but were visiting for Spring Break. We LOVE spending time with them.

Thursday was a wonderful day – my boss let Irene and I off early since it was the long weekend – we left at 3pm, not 4:30. I biked up to my sisters and played around with Connor and Austin in the backyard  in the beautiful, warm sun. It was idyllic and I was ecstatic. Then I headed home for dinner with Paul and back to Jenna’s for our weekly sister hang out. Paul was gone most of the night chaperoning at school so I got a nice uninterrupted sleep…which was important because I was getting up early (6:15am) to head to the states with Irene for the day. 

Phew - part two coming tomorrow!

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