Friday, April 19, 2013

I spray painted a puppy or DIY Figurines

So lately I've been drawn to figurines. 
I'm going to go ahead and blame Sherry from Young House Love. 
Here are just some of the figurines she's worked on or bought. 

Also I've been loving spray paint and thanks to America I can get spray paint at Walmart in great colors for great prices. Yay USA!

A couple weeks ago I took a trip to Value Village and came home with a piggy bank for LG money (no pictures to come, it turned out poorly), an ugly cactus, a sad dog and a gold basket. 

I knew I wanted to turn the gold basket into a fun bright color and use it to hold napkins. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do to the cactus and dog, but I was thinking white or gold. 

Paul laid out a drop cloth for me. I was also working on my chalkboard calendar - more to come on that later. 

As you can see I tried painting a Christmas basket orange. I should have used primer first, it looked terrible. I eventually threw it out. 

But I gave the basket a coat with turquoise, the cactus with gold and the puppy with white. 

Sweet and sad, also ugly.

I liked the white but it didn't shine. 
So I tried gold. 
Great choice.

I LOVE my new basket now.

And though Paul can't understand why I would spray paint a dog and a cactus gold, I am so happy with these pieces.

They both found a home in our bookshelf.

All together, before and after.

Spray paint = $3.50 for each can. I hardly needed any spray though. I will get many more uses out of them. 
Gold basket $3.50, Puppy $2.99 and Cactus $1.99. Not bad for new decor pieces!

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Deryn said...

Cute! I'm moving in to a new apartment in a few weeks, might have to steal a few ideas from you!

Deryn at Running on Real Food


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