Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Menu Plan Monday on Tuesday

Monday: Easter Dinner Leftover Remix
This differed from the normal Leftover's meal since Lydia and Devin were coming over and Lydia can't eat gluten or dairy or meat....so yeah...I had to do some creative leftover remixing and some new vegetable roasting. It was a great meal though. 

Tuesday: Hamburgers and salads (and homemade ice cream cake)
It's sunny and it's Jodi's birthday - nothing says summer party like a BBQ and ice cream cake. Seriously. 

Wednesday: Baja Fish Taco's
McCarthy's over for dinner - It's Lindsays birthday and I wanted to cook something she would flip for - and my girl Lindsay is from Southern California - mexican and fish? Yup, that's a winner!

Thursday: Leftover Remix - Open Faced Turkey & Gravy sandwich
It's my night at Jenna's and I hate to miss tucking my nephews in - so it's time for an easy leftover option. Thank you giant $16 turkey from my Dad! The gift that keeps on giving.

It's Gabe and Sunshine's rehearsal dinner, so I needed something easy to grab and go

Saturday: YOYO (you're on your own)
It's Gabe and Sunshine's wedding - so that's enough work for one day :)

Interestingly the McCarthy's are coming over again - for a post Panama hangout - so this time I thought I'd make something John will flip for, and John loves mushrooms. 

And I have a big post coming - about the last couple weekends, some fun new pieces of clothing and cooking adventures but that post is GIANT so I'll space it out over the next two days, so as to not overwhelm you. 

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