Monday, April 29, 2013

Menu Plan Monday

Monday: Melt-in-your-mouthChicken, Roasted Carrots & Broccoli
Tonight we are heading over to visit friends – Mark and Morgan – at 8pm. I wanted to make a meal that was fast but that I could put in the oven and leave for a while. From chicken to broccoli to vegetables this is an all oven-all the time sort of meal. This is perfect because while it cooks I’m heading downstairs to tape off my stripes in the closet I’m painting and then after eating will head down and do my first coat. The plan is to come back 4 hours later and paint the next set of stripes. If I’m too tired to do the second coat late tonight, I’ll get up an hour early on Tuesday and do it then. That way Tuesday evening we before dinner we can put in some of my desk and shelving.

Tuesday: YOYO (Your on your own)
It is a dear friends birthday so we will be out for dinner with her and some great friends.

Wednesday: YOYO (Your on your own)
May 1st is our 3 year wedding anniversary so Paul and I are heading out to dinner on Granville Island, then to Granville Island Theatre Sports – it should be a good time.

I have to do some grocery shopping for the weekend so after dinner I’ll be heading out to Costco, and therefore wanted something easy to make. You can get easier or more delicious than these Creamy Chicken Taco’s.
After shopping will make Cheese & Ham Biscuits and Chocolate Chip Banana Bread.

Friday & Saturday: T’s birthday weekend away
Paul and I will be away with some family and a few friends for my birthday. We’re staying a friends cabin’s family and it will be a small but great group of friends. My birthday party will be the following weekend since I’m turning 30 and really value being able to celebrate with a larger group of people but this weekend will be a nice start to my 30’s for sure.

Saturday Breakfast: Breakfast Burrito’s w. Guacamole
Saturday Lunch: Cheeses & Crackers (I grabbed Brie, smoked mozza, Boursin, and a few others at Trader Joes yesterday), Smokes & European Wieners to roast over the fire, and veggies and hummus.
Saturday Dinner: Baked Potatoes, Bacon Wrapped Steaks (from Costco, premarinated) and veggies kabobs.
Sunday Breakfast: Cheese & Ham biscuits, Banana Bread & leftovers
Snacks: Chips, Chocolate & Candy. Mmmmm.

Sunday: Cinco de Mayo

We will have JUST gotten back from my birthday weekend and we will be pretty tired but I do know that I will for SURE make something Mexican to celebrate the day!

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