Wednesday, April 3, 2013

In Lieu of...

So I wrote up a big blog post yesteray and saved it in a word doc. Then today I was going to open up my folder of pictures, edit them and post it all. And then I got a new work computer, and after the switch over we discovered that it hadn't been formatted properly by IT and now I have no word doc and no ability to reach my content. Le Sigh.

So here we are instead. I'll tell you about my outfit today. Because it's not as simple as I'd hoped.

I bought some new jeans. In my next post I'll ramble on about them, I know this since my post is already written. But to give you context I'll say that I've recently fallen in love with Rockstar Super Skinny jeans at Old Navy. I love that they are actually skinny not just slim, that they hug tight to the knee with no awkward bulge and that i can actually tuck shirts into them and look cute. Usually. 

This morning I remembered this tucking in fact, and further remembered that being able to tuck a shirt means being able to wear a belt. I have a skinny brown belt that I love and am always looking for new ways to wear it. So I threw one of my favorite outfits into my biking bag, with the addition of my new pants and the belt, and off I rode into work. There isn't a full length mirror in the changeroom so I put the outfit on, felt great in it and headed upstairs with no real idea of how I looked. 

Then I went to the washroom and noticed that the outfit was not as flattering as it felt. Yikes. I tried removing the cardigan and that only made it worse. So I went with my standard version of this outfit - untucked with layered tank. Here are the three looks:

How's that for over honesty?
Number one photo isn't terrible, though it's more country or matchy matchy than I'd prefer, and number two is just unflattering, especially with that hip angle. But number three does work, which I already knew since it's my favorite outfit.

Deep, right? Aren't you glad you clicked over to read this?

Tonight I am making Baja Fish Taco's to celebrate my friend Lindsay's birthday. Last night I made burgers, ice cream cake, pasta salad and ranch and bacon devilled eggs for Jodi's birthday and lifegroup and that was a huge success so I'm feeling quite positive about tonight's try. I even went to far as to get some queso fresco from the states - I'm stoked to try and make authentic food for my californian friend.

And just like that, the clouds are back. May I say, weather, you sadden me today.

"Bring back the sun! Bring back the sun! Bring back the sun!"


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