Thursday, April 18, 2013

Command Center & filing cabinet upgrade

So I had two things left to do in my command center - revamp the back wall and the "filing cabinet". 

The Armoir that I have turned into a Command Center had a plain white back, that has a score down the center and two ripped corners. I knew I'd need a whole new back.

We were going to go to Home Depot and buy a piece of thin board to put on the back, when Paul noticed a giant piece of cardboard. So instead we snatched that up for free to bring home, since I was going to be covering it anyways. 

I'd bought some contact paper at Walmart - it was $5 a roll and I still have tons left. It was a great width, just needed two lengths of the paper. 

After cutting it and laying it down, I attempted to get it as lined up as possible, then slowly pulled the backing off while pressing down the giant sticker. I used a wallpaper scraper to make sure there weren't any bubbles.

Then I bought it upstairs to my husband. 
He grabbed some nails and attached it to the back. 

and VOILA!
Sorry for the fuzzy pictures - it was dark and my iPhone Camera works best in the mid day light. 

This project cost me $5 dollars up front for the contact paper, though I have lots left. Yes we used nails, though not more than 10 so I wouldn't say that cost more than $1. Win!

And for any savy spotters who noticed my new containers on the side, aren't they cute? 
I got them in the dollar section at target (for a dollar, haha). 
They are dry erase and I love their look. I used command hooks to hang them. 

Next up was my "filing cabinet" box. 
Remember this guy?

Then I added the files. It was handy but ugly. 

And now I had finally found some wrapping paper that I didn't hate. 
I really wanted chevron white and grey stripes but I'm pleased with this print I found at Walmart for $1.

And look! Gorgeous. 
I used the basic principles found here for the wrapping. 

This box was free (though I paid for the stuff inside the box, haha), the file folders were free at work (we were donating them to good causes, and of course I consider myself a good cause), and the wrapping paper cost $1. Yup. Pretty awesome. 

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The Porters' Lodge said...

I love it! It is so cool looking.

We don't want to buy much so I'm currently holding on to nicely-sized boxes until I can find some paper to make little storage containers for clothes. So wish that the UK had Walmart.


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