Monday, April 22, 2013

Menu Plan Monday

Part One: Menu Plan Monday

Monday: Homemade Pizza; Chicken, Bacon & cheese sauce
We don't have any plans tonight, and after a hectic weekend I'm glad. Homemade Pizza is best made on a night with some time - especially since I'll be making up the recipe and who knows if it will be good!

There was much left over soup from the event on Saturday so Irene divvied up the soup amongst those of us that feed lifegroups and those that have giant famillies. All I'll have to do it add some buns and I have a bunch of cans of biscuits that I've been wanting to make. Score!

We both have plans in the evening but don't need to rush out - and ever since I saw this recipe at LIY I've been dying to make it.

Thursday: YOYO (Your on your own)
Everyone in the house is out at dinner time and will be able to forage for something if they need it. Paul and I are going to a showing of a Star Trek episode downtown with friends - this is obviously a gift for him :) and for dinner I'm meeting up with a girlfriend downtown before hand - Mila, that's you! Yay. 

I picked up some yellow thai curry sauce at Superstore and keep forgetting to try it - so I'm finally saying enough is enough and am going to see if I can make something at home that comes close in taste to what I get in a restaurant. 

Saturday: Basil Cream Chicken, pasta, roasted veg & salad
Paul will be out shooting guns with guys and I'll be at home organizing and decorating my craft room - so something tasty and fairly easy will be a nice end to the day. 

Sunday: YOYO (Your on your own)
Sunday we have a dinner to go to - and thankfully usually there are enough leftovers and random food bits to keep our gang at home happy. 

Part Two:
This past weekend was filled with church. 
Friday night was Chapel, a youth worship night. 
Saturday was "Love Canada, eh" - our whole church was getting together to talk about how to love Canadians - figuring out how to love any culture, and what it looks like to define Canadians. We had Pastor Kevin York in from Nashville to share on the idea of culture, and then Pastor Greg filled us in on Canadian. Not only was the instructional time excellent, but the time together as a family was a blast.
Sunday was church and a Deacon's meeting/dinner. And boy, both were amazing. I am so blessed to be a part of this church family. I mean, like, wow.

At both Chapel and church we sang the following song. Both times that it came on my heart began to beat to beat faster - my heart was stirred. 

There was a truth that I couldn't shake - it was a reminder of abundant forgiveness. 
It was a reminder of undeserved love.  
It was a reminder that in my sin - in my most shameful moments (and there are many) God sees me and loves me. ME. in my sin. And he dances, and dies for me willingly. How can this be true?
And more than just forgiveness He offers life and significance in him. 
I am the keeper of a coming kingdom - I am home to coming King. 

On the Friday night at Chapel, I almost left my seat to go share thoughts like this with the crowd. My heart felt like it was bursting and something needed to be said. But I felt also, like I needed to wait. I couldn't tell if I was chickening out or if I really was supposed to wait. Then one of the youth went up and spoke and it was perfect, and I knew it was good I didn't go up. Then on Sunday at church this song came on, my heart jumped and sped up and I knew that what I had to say was for church. 

Kevin York was in town preaching, and he was talking about being devoted to God - and that part of obedience is joy. We are supposed to have emotions and engage them in our Christianity. Not only is it healthy but it's part of the command. And when this song came on and I thought of where God rescued me from, the sin that I was a slave to, and so often still am, the emotion of His truth hit my heart. Worshiping Him came from a place of passion and intimacy, and It was beautiful. And I couldn't shake an image of my most shameful moments, covered by Him, in abundant, ridiculous, love. I shared some of this with the church and it was so cool to see that they were feeling so many of the same things, and that as I spoke what God was moving in their hearts, God was touching them. I sat down to continue in worship, and had to kneel. And bawl. This God is very good. 

I am one - Miriam Jones

I am one of his disciples 
I am one who bears his name 
I am one of Satan’s rivals 
I am one and I am unashamed 

I am orphan made a daughter 
I am a harlot made a wife 
I’m a poor man called to dinner 
I am a stranger recognized 

Oh I am the image of a hidden glory 
Yes I am danced over died for willingly 
Oh I am the keeper of a coming kingdom 
and hallelujah I am home to coming King 

I am one of his defiers 
I am one of his runaways 
I have fought him to the wire 
And I have cursed him to his face 
But I am one who he has pardoned 
I am one who knows his grace 
Though the world my heart would harden 
His love avows to keep it safe

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