Thursday, April 25, 2013

Random and a to do list

Lately there's been lots to fill my mind, like projects left to do around the house...

  • Linen Closet
  • The Cellar - food storage and holiday decor storage
  • Chalkboard Marker Conversion
  • Bathroom Cupboards
  • Under the Kitchen Sink
  • Junk Drawer Revamp
  • Kitchen Drawer Revamp
  • Chalkboard Calendar Creation
  • Command Center Makeover
  • Craft Room Overhaul
  • Craft Room Closet turned desk
  • Bookshelf Display
  • Repair back wall of Command Center - cover with Zebra print contact paper
  • The Pantry
  • Can Cupboards
  • Mud room

Like trying new outfits...

Stripes, Chambray, black skinnies and a pink belt? 
Yes, please.

And our bustling church life...

Friday night was CHAPEL - youth worship. 

and a church wide event on Saturday at van Dusen gardens - "Love Canada, Eh?" with Kevin York and Pastor Greg. 

Not only did I get to hang out with some amazing people [ holla to my new philipino friends!] but Kevin and Greg talked about multi-culturalism, Christianity and Canada. So great. 

Like going to bridal showers...

My dear friend Rebekah is marrying Anthony and we got to come together to celebrate them. It was a blast, and Rebekah's friend Naomi put together a gorgeous event. 


Best Devilled Eggs EVER
Although Brenda would want you to know they're actually called "Angelic Eggs"

Mason Jar Decor, love!

The beautiful bride, all decked out in her bridal shower finery

The super talented Naomi also made this sign, sorry for the poor picture quality.

Like meeting friends for lunch...

I've been out with Kayla this week to the Holy Perogy 

The Italian: pesto and tomato salsa perogies

I've also met up with Arlene, Lyndsay, Lindsay, Ereka, Ana, Mila, and many more for lunches downtown. I'm thankful for friends that will go out of their way to see me. 

Like having people over...

We've had so many random and/or planned events. The sun has made hosting extra awesome, complete with our ability to BBQ on the back porch. So stoked. We've had great visit and laughter that doesn't end until late - including a spontaneous party for a 6 friends that went until midnight on a Monday. Crazy!

Like planning my 30th birthday...

I turn 30 in two weeks and couldn't be more stoked. I'm going away with my sister's family and a few friends for a weekend, as well as hosting a big party at our house. Sooo excited for it all. 

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