Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Craft Room Process

Craft Room Makeover

The other day I mentioned my to do list. What I didn't realize was that some of those items (Ie. Overhaul craft room) were so so so much more than one item. 

I started with the Guest room section of the room. This space will serve three main functions - Guest Room, Paul's Office and my Craft Room. Paul's office is set up. The rest was just filled with boxes. 

I had Paul clear out all the boxes. I'd like to say I helped but realistically he's a beast and did it alone. Then I found a nice duvet for the futon and shopping the rest of the pillows in the house made a nice bed/couch. I also added a retro clock I found in one of Paul's boxes. By using things that belong to Paul, I'm attempting to merge the styles of the room together. 

Then we brought in a new free piece of furniture. This dresser belonged to Paul's Dad originally, it was built in the 50's by David's dad for David. Then later David and Paul's mom Nancy used it for Paul and I think for Katie. Now it belongs to us, and when we have a kid we will use it for that kid. But for now, it's for crafts :)

I added some jars with house stuff, one of Paul's model cars and a sign I found at Target to the top. Again, helping to tie in the cars on Paul's side of the room. 

I also added some chalkboard sticker to the side of the dresser to leave notes for guests when they stay. And then I added some labels to the drawers. 1, 2, 3 for random drawers, "Guest" for the empty drawer for visitors and "Wrapping" because the bottom drawer would eventually hold my wrapping supplies.

And though it didn't happen at the same time, here are the wrapping supplies in their new home. The baskets hold ribbons, ribbons and scissors & tape. Also the stack of ribbons you see outside the drawer will be put inside with a tension rod.

Next up was tackling the rest of my craft stuff with the help of two wonderful friends: Ana W and Lindsay M. All I can say is Thank goodness they're good sports. There was a lot of mess to conquer!

We dug right in - the first job was to sort. We had many categories or piles, "tape", "glue", "cardstock", "scrapbooking paper", "technology", "momentos", "random craft things", etc. The list went on. We all sat in the center of the mess and worked away for about an hour. And then it was sorted. 

We lined up all the containers to the side - I have been saving cookie tins, mason jars, chocolate boxes for months. I've also been buying things at the Target dollar section or the Dollar Giant; bowls, baskets, etc. These we lined up on the edge of the room. 

Then we took it moment by moment bringing types of items into the craft room to store away. While Ana and I did this, Lindsay used Frog Tape to line my closet in preparation of the painting we were planning to do. We wanted to make 4 inch stripes, in two shades of blue. 

After Lindsay taped (wonderfully, I might add. She is one amazeballs taper) I got the supplies ready and did the first coat.

I started by cutting in at the top with a brush

Then used my roller on the rest, and a mini paintbrush for the corners that the roller couldn't quite get. 

While I painted the girls pray painted some display pieces and chalkboard painted jar lids

Then they sorted buttons into colors and eventually poured them into mason jars.

And then by that point I was done with my first coat. I waited for more hours and did a second coat then immediately removed the tape, as per the instructions from the super helpful lady at Home Depot. 

I needed to wait 24 hours, then retape the stripes and turn the formerly white and patchy wall to a lighter blue. 

Here it is where it stands now.

You can see paper sorted into the white desk there, more on that to come. I've finally got a paper solution, but am waiting on one more key piece before blogging about it. And you can see the closet that will hold the desk and shelving Paul and I will build [read: Paul will build, and I will boss Paul].

And that was the end of our long craft day. I've still got a bunch of stuff to put away but everything is on hold until I finish the painting, and then build in the desk and shelving, at which stage I will have a bunch more to work on. 

Left to accomplish:
  • Finish taping stripes, and paint the white light blue, in two coats
  • Install desk and shelving into closet
  • Install shelving and frames into the room
  • Fill desk and shelving with craft stuff - creating homes for stuff
  • Determine how much more storage is needed, if any
  • Label containers, cans and jars
Lots lets to do, and honestly I know I'm not going to be getting to it anytime soon. We have plans every night this week and then are away all weekend. I will spend some time taping the stripes and for sure doing the first coat, and hopefully the second, but the rest will have to wait. And I have to be ok with that. 

Also, I read this article and will be using May 1st, our 3 year wedding anniversary as an excuse to jump into the 30 day husband encouragement challenge. 

I love and enjoy Paul so much. He cracks me up. He is one of my favorite people. I trust him entirely, and would trust him with my life if such a situation occured. He is kind to me and likes me - loves me as well. Our marriage is great - we ran into each other on the bus yesterday by surprise and were both SO PLEASED to see each other unexpectedly. We couldn't stop grinning.  And similarly to how Abbie describes it, sometimes I'm not nice to him. Sometimes I am judgemental or suspicious - if there are two ways something he said can be interpreted, I'll often assume it was the mean or hurtful one. For for the sake of my heart, for the sake of obedience and for the sake of my wonderful wonderful husband and our marriage, I am excited to embark on this challenge. 

Challenge details here.

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