Monday, April 8, 2013

Menu Plan Monday

Monday: Mexican Pie
Monday is a relaxed night at home - and I have a frozen mexican pie defrosting to enjoy. Lots of avocado's to make guacamole. Good times!

Always an LG favorite and I have lots of avocado's still!

We're out for dinner so I needed something easy to throw in - and I know that Duncan particularly likes Sloppy Joe's.

We have someone coming to view our house at 7pm, so I needed something easy. I've been wanting to make this for some time now. 

Friday: TBD - Dinner with Chibota's
We're having the Chibota's and a japanese friend, Ayano over for dinner. Irene and I are co-hosting, so we'll have to sit down this week and talk it through. 

Saturday: TBD - Dinner with the Whitton's
We're excited to have the newly married Josh and Ana over for dinner - I hadn't picked a meal yet, because Saturday's plans kept changing. I will most likely come up with something tomorrow but am not feeling any strong urgings either way. All I know is that they will like anything I cook but that Meat will win Josh over and Mexican would win Ana over. 

Sunday: YOYO (Your on your own)
Sunday is a church dinner event that we'll be at, along with Rachel. So it's only Duncan for dinner. I feel pretty confident that he'll come up with something for himself 

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