Friday, April 12, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday (Volume 5)

--- 1 --- 
This weekend I'm starting the work on my craft room. It's going to be a big job and I will in no way be done by the end of this weekend. But I'm starting. 

First up! Turning the closet into a nook desk. 

I'll be using this wallpaper to line the walls. But hmmm, I just noticed that I can order it online but that my Lowe's is out of stock in store. Paul is building a desk into the closet for me, so the wallpaper has to go in first. 

I guess the question is, do I love the wallpaper enough to delay this project further? It's already been months in the making. I think I'll go to Lowe's and see what else they actually have in stock - maybe there is another print that I fall in love with. 
--- 2 --- 

This weekend I will be working on:
Chalkboard Calendar - my take on one anyways
Spray Painting Thrift store figurines, ala young house love and hi sugarplum!
Craft Closet ala iheart organizing and pinterest
Putting Contact Paper onto the back of my command center

--- 3 --- 
This weekend we will also be seeing people, surprise, surprise. 

Friday Night: Dinner with Chibota's and their student Nao, as well as friends Ayano and Eri from Japan.
Meal: Honey-Lime Chicken Skewers & Chicks on a Stick, Baked Potatoes with all the toppings, Corn on the Cob and Roasted Veggies. Mmm. Paul will be BBQ'ing the skewers, Irene & TC will make the BP's and a key lime pie for dessert, and I'll use the oven for the last veggies. 

Saturday Night: Dinner with the Whitton's - newly married!
Meal: Still not sure! I have like 8 ideas in my head...and also want to BBQ some more. So we'll see how Saturday turns out - but I'm fairly certain the meal will involve some home made Sangria - I just got a new recipe. 
--- 4 --- 
I'm on a weight loss plan. Since we're officially trying for kids now I thought it would be good to be getting my body into some shape other than round before getting pregnant. So I'm following Weight Watchers strictly again and trying to add a bit more excersize than just my ride to and from work. My goal is a pound a week for a month, then 1.5 pounds a week for 2 months after that. My goal is about 15 pounds weight loss. So we'll see what happens. I managed to do that last year, but then a summer with no bike riding and eating inexpensive travel food caught up with me so I'm back at it. 
--- 5 --- 
Last week I cleaned my room - put away all my clothes - finished organizing my bathroom. It has been one week of me PUTTING MY CLOTHES AWAY right away. This is a miracle. I'm praying it continues. What a lovely feeling it is. The next big project will be our bedroom. Because as I've mentioned before a pretty space helps motivate me to stay tidy. So if our room is beautiful, I'll try to keep it that way. 

--- 6 --- 
Currently I'm rereading the Hunger Games. I'm on the second book. 
[BTW, sorry Shannon! I still have your books]
Having read the books before I know what's going to happen and yet the stress I feel while reading is ridiculous. I've had to stop reading right before bed or I have trouble falling asleep. Too wound up. Ridiculous. Paul keeps laughing at me. 

BUT OH MY GOODNESS, it's so good. 
--- 7 --- 
TV shows that have me thankful for TV:
The office
Grey's Anatomy

Did you see last week's episode of "The Office"? I only watched it yesterday and still need to watch last nights but oh man, this season is killing it. I'm loving it!!!

SNL with Melissa McCarthy was great - her Honey Baked Ham "presentation" made me laugh so hard the entire time. 

Grey's Anatomy just keeps entertaining me with each episode. Seriously, loving it. 

Nashville...oh Nashville. Seriously, I like you so much. What a great show. 

These aren't reviews, because seriously, I'm bad at reviews or helpful comments. It just seemed important that you would understand my love. 

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