Monday, April 8, 2013

Gabe & Sunshine's wedding and a belt debate

This weekend was Gabe & Sunshine's Wedding Weekend. Therefore Friday and Saturday were both full of wedding stuff. 

Friday afternoon I got off a little early and gratefully headed home to rest on the couch a bit before pulling dinner together and heading out to the Rehearsal. The rehearsal went smoothly and the place was totally decorated already. Amazing. On my way home I swung by the Dollar Tree (formerly the Dollar Giant) to pick up some drawer insets and dividers to conquer my drawers. More to come on that tomorrow. I worked like mad for an hour and a bit and then Paul and I headed out to the Grind a 24 hour coffee shop for coffee with the Papali's. Always a great time, hanging out with them. 

Saturday morning I slept in until 10 (awesome) and then got ready for the wedding and did some house organizational stuff. It was a great start to the day. 

Got to the church at noon, for the 1pm wedding. Unlocked the doors, and did the final finishing touches...while Sam and Jonathan did a little soft shoe in their tuxes...

The wedding prep was well underway and the bridesmaids were helping the bride get ready to meet her groom...

Sunshine looked so beautiful. I'm honestly surprised that Gabe didn't fall over when he saw her. She is beautiful inside and out, and on Saturday she was glowing. 

Pastor Greg officiated the wedding. I love a PG wedding.

And then they were Gabriel and Sunshine Rosenau (just had to check that spelling 3 times).

The bridal party and family headed off to Queen E for photos and Paul, Arlene and I headed back to my place. We grabbed a drink and rested while we killed time. It was lovely. Arlene is always great to talk with. 

Then it was back to the church for the reception. Well organized, great speeches, fun slideshow and good dancing. It went smoothly and showcased them well. 

Jonathan was the best man and his speech was honoring of Gabe, and oh so funny.

Morgan's and Rosenau's.

Mila and I!

Almost all the girls with the bride.

This started as a photo for 4 of the girls and then they kept inviting more and more women in until almost every girl was in. It was super funny.

Then it was over! Paul and I had to jet out quickly, he had Jurassic Park 3D plans with Prakash and I had a babysitting apt with my nephews. Jenna and Colin were heading to a Maxwell gathering, so I'd volunteered to babysit. I brought my laptop and a giant load of laundry to fold while the boys slept. After some play time and cuddles it was time for bed. The boys were wonderful and went to sleep right away. I watched "The Switch" and half of "The Hunger Games". Not only was the occupying for my mind, but it let me edit all these pictures and the ones for tomorrow's post AND fold the clean towels that I'd meant to fold for weeks. 

Sunday was a long day of organizing which, again, I'll tell you about tomorrow. Don't want to overload you. After that it was church time and then we were having John and Lindsay over again and I was trying out a new recipe I was super pumped about. And it was successful. Thanks "Life of a Mrs!".

Now that the recapping of the weekend is over it's time to enter the belt debate. With the entrance of my new Rockstar jeans it means I can wear belts. But the big question remains, is that a good thing?

Thursday I attempted another look. First I tried my shirt tucked in. I wasn't a giant fan of it, but as you can see when I untuck it (2), it's much more pulled together tucked. With the cardigan it still felt a bit slopping untucked (3). I finally pulled the cardigan on, with the shirt tucked in and fell in love (4). Thoughts?

Friday I decided to go ahead and wear my black boots with jeans  - I was very pleased with that decision and this look!

Sunday I wore one of my new striped shirts from Pick your Plum, with one of my necklaces from Pick your Plum. I wore this to church and really liked it. 

This is me in my bedroom. The photo quality isn't great due to the window in the back ground but I like that you can see my organized closet a bit. 

As you can see in the small mirror in the first pic, Paul was in the room.
He was getting ready for church. 

And then he was photobombing my outfit pic.

He gives me that look a lot when he sees me taking outfit photos.

Also at church Irene and i noticed we were both wearing stripes, black coats, jeans and black shoes. Win!

Though looking at this "twins" photo I realize our outfits really don't look that similar.
Oh well. 

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