Monday, June 25, 2012

Weekend 2

What a fun weekend. Friday night we invited our classmates over - 7 of them came. It was perfect. We played "Chaboo" (mixture of celebrity, charades and taboo), with much success and laughter. Some of the words acted out that created the most hilarity were "people in a row", "whittling a stick", "horse", "disposable thumbs" and "theological pipe." Awesome. 

A while later we played some spoons and watched a Tim Hawkins movie (christian comedian). Funny, amusing and insightful. 

It was a great night. 

Saturday we slept in (after being up until 1am the night before!).
I made us breakfast burritos and was reminded how much I enjoy anything you can add salsa and sour cream to.

After some reading and a nap, Paul created a rad settlers board.
We took to playing. 
We tied - I won the first game, he won the second.

After we finished we got ready to head into Nashville to meet up with some of our classmates.

First up, frisbee golf.
Second up, Mexican for dinner.

Afterwards we headed downtown for another night of swing dancing.
We had a blanket laid out and we sat and talked as night fell, with big band playing near us and fireflies dancing all round. It was idyllic.

In the morning we headed to Bethel Franklin for church. This is a much smaller congregation with worship and size very similar to ours back home in Vancouver. We loved it. The people were so friendly, the worship was excellent and the preaching was Christ-Centered and entertaining. Loved.
We got to talk with many random EN friends from MPD, other Nashville visits and other random EN events.

Then we headed out with some of our class to TGI Fridays for a birthday lunch for TJ.
TJ's the first guy on the left.

TJ & Abigail (married from Orlando), Victoria (North Carolina), Evan and Christopher (both from Texas)

And some more ladies
Virginia (Texas, SMU), Tif (Orlando), Alex (Texas, SMU), Rachel (Texas) and me!

Also I had green bean fries.

And here I am posing with a rideon lawn mower

We took a different way home and it was beautiful again. 

After shopping at TJ Maxx, groceries at Walmart and Costco, we headed home to study and relax.
We headed out to the pool - it was about 90 degrees out and the pool was entirely pleasant.
We kept grinning at each other as we floated around in inner tubes - it was paradise.
Right in the center of God's will for our lives - and a pool!
We are truly blessed.

Yup - that's about it.

And now I'm so stuffed from Mexican food, and my mind is bursting after a day of Essential Doctrines and Church history, so it's off to bed for me!

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