Thursday, June 14, 2012

Day 9: Taylorville, Ill and Market Street Inn B&B

For our two year anniversary, Paul and I stayed in Taylorville, Illinois at Market Street Inn (B&B). We live in Canada, so it was a bit nerve wracking to book at a place we had no way to check out before hand. Thankfully we were very happy with the results! 

We booked a deal with them through livingsocial that included two nights stay, breakfast and a gift certificate towards dinner. We were particularly looking forward to the fact that they advertised a double sized tub. Since Paul is a tall, big man, he hasn't been able to fit in a bath tub since he was 14, so this was exciting for him. 

We got there pretty late at night on the Friday, but as we pulled up we saw that the place was super cute. Sharon let us in, and we went up to our room to see a super cute display laid out on the bed for us (photos below). They had provided complimentary chocolates and wine - and boy those chocolates were amazing! They had these gooey caramel, chocolate pretzels that were to die for!

Breakfast Saturday morning was great, they even had a warmer tray for the mugs so your mugs could be nice and toasty. Sharon, the cook, joined us for breakfast at our request, and it was fun to get to know her. She answered so many of our questions and filled us in on what life in Taylorville was like. We then spent the day in Springfield Illinois (half and hour away) seeing the historic sights there (more to come on that) and then headed back to grab dinner at One Market East, where we had a gift certificate. 

Dinner was wonderful. We were so impressed with the food, the selection and the prices. The service was also wonderful. You can see pictures on that below. We were very happy with our anniversary meal

All in all our time at Market Street Inn was lovely. The owners, the Hausers, have a done a wonderful job of keeping the victorian history alive in the home, while keeping up to date with the amenities. Clean, fresh bathrooms. Frilly, lacy bedrooms. Convenience, mixed with beauty. Great, friendly service meeting with privacy and professionalism. It was a lovely way to spend an anniversary.
The B&B

Inside the home:

Love these arches! 
So intricate!

Warmed mugs.

Paul, reading the paper and eating his fruit cup before breakfast.
You can tell he just woke up.

Mmmm cheesy eggs with biscuits and gravy.

The Room

This is me getting ready for our date, but the reason I post it is that you can see the gorgeous dresser.

Seriously, this tub was huge!
And amazing.

Patio after dark.
After our dinner date we grabbed the complimentary wine and chocolates, our favorite board game and headed out to enjoy the sunset and the big southern front porch.

Taylorville is also pretty cute.
Old and quaint.

One Market East is where we had dinner.

The potatoes below may in fact be the best potatoes I have ever had.

Paul's whole meal

These were our leftovers.
So much food still!

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LeAnna et David said...

it looks so lovely! Happy 2-year anniversary :)


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