Monday, June 18, 2012

Friday in Nashville

Friday, Friday, Friday.
We started the day tired but ready for a final week day of learning. 
We learned a lot.

This is me and my outfit in the breakroom.

Then we got out at 3pm. Woo.
Paul and I went home - we rested and relaxed. Then we had dinner. We then headed back into Nashville, right into downtown to hang out with some of our classmates. I decided to document the drive from our place to the highway to show you how GORGEOUS it is every day. Just look at this y'all!

Starts with our driveway...

Then right into Thompsons Station, TN

That's it. That's the whole little town.

We then made it into Nashville.
It had been bright and sunny as you can see in the photos above
But by the time we parked and got out of the cars it was POURING.

We kept having to run and huddle under awnings the rain was so bad!
I was soaked through.

See? Soaked
But oh man was it fun to be running in the downpour with a crowd of friends, trying to make it to some place to eat. It was awesome and crazy and fun.

We found a place called Demo's Steak and Spaghetti and it was tasty

This is Rachel.
She's in my class - she's from Texas.
I enjoy her thoroughly.

Anyways - it was a late and long night but it was fun, wet and totally worth it.
I was very glad to get home though, have a shower and go to sleeeeeep.

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